Imagine, your partner has given you just $2.50. Will you spend this money on food for the family, sanitary napkins or put it towards your children’s school needs?

This is a daily reality for millions of women in Australia today. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 16% of Australian women experience financial abuse within their lifetime.

What is financial abuse? It is a type of modern slavery and a serious form of domestic and family violence. Abusers will often take control of their victim’s finances, coercing them into taking on debt, or cutting off access to money in order to maintain their power and control in the relationship. This leads to other forms of abuse including physical and sexual abuse.

There are various organisations and services available for survivors of domestic and family violence and modern slavery at the Crisis stage. But what happens next? How are survivors supported to ensure that they are not left homeless or return to abusive situations?

That’s where Arise Foundation Ltd (Australia) comes in, at the Recovery stage. Our aim is to empower and create security for financial abuse survivors, the Arise women, within Australia.

We do this though our Employment Pathway program and providing the women access to a network of peer and professional support. How does it work:

  1. Free in-house courses on basic digital and English literacy, on needs basis.
  2. Free in-house Employment training conducted by professionals with focus on Empowerment & Well Being, Financial Literacy including budgeting, savings and tax and Basic Foundation skills such as communicating effectively, resume writing and job interview preparation.
  3. We then assist the women be placed in paid employment.

We have launched the Arise Foundation Ltd (Australia) this year and have been overwhelmed by women needing help. Join us to break the cycle of abuse, homelessness and intergenerational violence.

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