Australian Muslims have always played a diverse role in society from their contribution to health, sports and society, to their achievements in the arts and media sectors. Yet, the emphasis of many organisations and most of the existing educational awards programs has been to encourage a singular focus on academic achievement.

The Crescent Awards seek to change that narrative and recognise the diversity of achievement of Australian Muslim Youth and the educators and institutions that have facilitated that success.

A new generation of Australian Muslims is emerging through our school system.  The objective of the Crescent Awards is to recognise the outstanding and impactful achievers among them, and the leading educators and schools who enable them to excel and pave the way for a brighter future for Australian Muslims.

Nominations for 29 different Crescent Awards under four categories, primary and high school Muslim students, individual educators, educator teams, and schools, are open now, and will be accepted until the deadline Thursday 30 June.

In order to showcase the awards and winners, the inaugural Awards Gala dinner will be held at the Waterview, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday 6 August 2022.

A True Community Initiative

The Crescent Awards, are administered by the Crescent Foundation, and supported by Crescent Wealth and Islamic Relief Australia with thought leadership from the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education at the University of South Australia.

The Awards are truly a community initiative, with the support of several community organisations including Brothers in Need, Gould Studio and National Zakat Foundation.

Australasian Muslim Times (AMUST) is the program’s media partner.

In July, an independent panel of high-profile Muslim educational and community leaders will judge applications against a broad spectrum of achievements including academic impact, sporting achievements, creative contribution, innovation, leadership, community contribution and extra-curricular activities.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner at the Waterview venue at the Bicentennial Park in early August.

Voices from the educator community

Dylan Chown, lecturer at the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, University of South Australia and a judge in the educator’s category said that we have many passionate and talented educators in our field, who have not received the same level of professional recognition and acknowledgment for their inspired educational practice or service, especially in priority areas and distinct forms of practice that are often  not covered in independent schooling awards.

It’s time that these  impactful contributions to students and school communities in part through the outstanding practice of educators in Islamic education settings received due recognition.

“The Australian Muslim community has grown to around a million people, who through all walks of life, and building upon our shared long historical presence in this country, are now making a major contribution to Australia in the present. A new generation of Australian Muslims is emerging through our schools and educational settings and the communities they serve -through the Crescent Awards we want to recognise those young people demonstrating outstanding achievement, contribution, and service, and the leading educators and educator teams, as well as our schools who enable them to excel and pave the way for a brighter future for not only our community but our society,” Mr Chown said.

Osman Karolia, Principal, Arkana College in Sydney and a judge for the Educator Lifetime Achievement Award said the Crescent Awards focused on the holistic development of Australia’s Muslims as contributors to society.

“For example, the Crescent educator awards seek to recognise and appreciate educators who have had an all-round positive impact on students and not those who have only elevated a student’s academic performance. Because of this, the educator’s award is also open to other non-direct teaching roles such as student advisors and community liaison individuals, all of whom can influence students in a range of positive ways,” Mr Karolia said.

He further added, “the school award seeks to recognise schools that promote outstanding education for our Muslims learners. The school awards are open to all schools as long as they demonstrate their contribution to nurturing Muslim learners and supporting Islamic values.”

Nominate now

If you know of students, teachers and schools who are worthy of such recognition, please either nominate them today or encourage them to nominate by sharing the link with them.

Apply here:

Applications close Thursday 30 June 2022.