What is Eid? It is a joyful occasion mainly for spiritual happiness.

Other happy things in that occasion includes clothes, getting together, sharing gifts and yummy foods. Without main spiritual happiness, Eid is like a body without the heart. Allah’s forgiveness, the hope for Paradise for the everlasting happiness and the attaining of Taqwa (Best moral character) are the main spiritual reasons to be happy at Eid. Therefore, our focus on Eid must be the on those main things.

What do we do on Eid day?

Again, we do things according to priorities. The things that are most important in the Sight of Allah, are the priorities, and Allah’s Messenger has taught us to do those deeds. Refer to a priority list below:

  1. No fast: Holy messenger of Allah said:

“No fast is permitted in Eid Al Fitr and on Eid Al Adha” [Muttafaqun A’Laih]

  1. Takbir: Glorifying Allah. Holy Quran states:

“(Allah wants you to) complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him because He has guided you; and for this reason, you should be grateful to Him.” [Quran 2:185]

  1. Salah with sermon: 2 rakah Eid Al Fitr prayer with advice from the Holy Quran and Sunnah. With that the most important part of spiritual happiness comes on Eid happiness.

The Prophet Mohammad (s) used to lead Eid Al Fitr Salah congregation without Azan or Iqamah. [According to Hadith from Sahih Muslim]

  1. Altering ways: The land is filming us to present it to Allah’s court in the next life. Holy Quran describes: “On that Day she (The earth) will declare her news.” [Al-Quran 99: 5] Using one way to go to Eid prayer, and returning another way is to share Takbir with the surroundings and keeping two witnesses to witness. The Prophet (s) used to do that. [Hadith according to Sahih Bukhari]
  2. Joy sharing: With Sadaqatul Fitr, sharing the joy with poor and needy.

With it, Allah purifies the faulty fasts to grant full reward for His loyal servants. [According to a Hadith in Abu Dawood]

  1. Tasbih, Tahlil, Astagfar and Dua: The entire Eid celebration is around those things. Our fasting, night prayers, worshipping in Lailatul Qadr, providing Iftar, connecting with the Holy Quran are for seeking Allah’s forgiveness and rewards. With dua we beg Allah for all of it. And that is the focus on Eid. If we receive all that we begged from Allah, then that is the main reason for happiness in Eid. Clothes, food, and gift and secondary.

Which Eid are we after?

An Eid without heart or an Eid with heart? Part of a long Hadith is:

“On Eid prayer, Allah makes an announcement to the worshippers, ‘Go back, I have forgiven you, and have changed your sins into good deeds’.” Holy messenger (peace be upon him) added, “Then they return home with forgiveness.” [Bayhaqi]

An Eid with heart is receiving Allah’s forgiveness, mercy, and full rewards. If we want that happiness, then we must worship Allah to our best and seek Allah’s forgiveness and mercy as a priority and place other social things as secondary. May Allah guide us, Ameen!