In the 21 May 2022 Federal Election, Australians have voted Australian Labor Party (ALP) to form the Federal Government. By voting ALP to power, Australians have supported its policies and trusted its leadership to lead the nation for the next three years.

This change of Government in Canberra has many reasons such as the failure of the  Scott Morrison-led Coalition Government in managing the vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, insufficient protection of our elders in nursing homes, internal party disputes and wrong-doings of ministers, complaints of women abuse, failure to set up the promised integrity commission, foreign and defence policy failures, inadequacy or refusal to response to climate change issues, unexpected rise in the cost of living etc.

Expectations are that the Anthony Albanese-led ALP Government will address issues affecting ordinary Australians, including helping relieve their living costs, creating new jobs with higher wages, moving to a green economy to address climate change, establishing an integrity commission, looking after senior Australians, improving health care and education, pursuing a balanced foreign policy, and protecting our national security and interests at home and abroad.

The election of a record number of independent and Greens MPs is a big message to mainstream political parties – listen to people and act on climate change, integrity, social equity and the rightful place of women.

In its National Conference in Adelaide from 16-18 December 2018, the ALP passed a resolution calling that the next Labor government recognise Palestine as a state and that this issue will be an important priority for the next Labor government”. The same was re-iterated in its March 2021 Conference by Shadow foreign minister, Penny Wong.

“It reflects our belief that Israelis and Palestinians deserve to prosper in peace behind secure and recognised borders.  “It reflects this conference’s prior expression of its view on statehood, while recognising this is a decision for a future Labor government. An Albanese Labor government will take a principled approach to these issues,” she said,

If Australia genuinely believes in ‘two-state’ solutions, why has the Government recognised only one state? Why the Australian Government has been turning blind eyes on the ongoing occupation, continuing land grabbing, and brutal murder of Palestinian Christians (remember Aljazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh) and Muslims struggling to protect their land and identity?

In spite of  Zionist media control and undue influence on western political institutions, 138 countries have already recognised the State of Palestine including European countries. Unfortunately, Australia is a laggard.

In my recollection, the only time the Australian Government did not blindly side with the USA in all UN resolutions supporting the Israeli apartheid state is when Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr were Foreign Ministers, two ALP champions and great Australians. This, even though in 2014, Australia voted against a UN Security Council draft resolution proposing withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza and the West Bank by 2017.

In March 2020, in a petition to the Australian Parliament signed by over 1000 Australians, and tabled by Hon Graham Perrett MP from Moreton, the House was requested to recognise the State of Palestine, because this was essential if the House was genuinely committed to a lasting two-state solution and advancing peace in the Middle East and beyond, and it was essential to formally recognise the State of Palestine (to ensure two sovereign states), based on the implementation of relevant UN resolutions and international law.

The petition emphasised that Palestinians are a stateless people who have suffered under the shadow of Israeli occupation far too long. They naturally want freedom, justice, equality and the right to self-determination.

For over 25 years, Palestinians have engaged in a rigged “peace process” while Israel confiscated their lands, colonised their country with Jewish settlements and imposed a crippling blockade on Gaza that pauperised its population.

As Israel consolidates its hold over the Occupied Territories and the remaining Palestinian enclaves continue to shrink, the window of opportunity for a two-state solution is closing fast.

Failure of the two-state solution will leave Israel as an apartheid state, ruling over an indigenous underclass of permanently disenfranchised Palestinians. Such a situation would destabilise the entire region and serve as an invaluable propaganda resource for extremist and terrorist organisations around the world.

Given Israel’s overwhelming political and military advantages, the Palestinians will never win their freedom and basic human rights without international intervention.

This is where the Australian Government could play an important role to ensure that “Palestinians have a right to self-defend” and deny all occupation and apartheid rules imposed on them by the foreign illegal settlers.

To see the map of illustration of illegal Palestinian land occupation by Israel since 1947 click here.