Activate Youth (AY) hosted the Annual Youth Leaders Multicultural Iftar, in collaboration with the Board of Imams Victoria (BOIV) on Sunday 24 April 2022. The sold-out event had over 120 participants from all across Melbourne to discuss relevant issues in the community.

AY President and Co-Founder Dr Aaqil Rifai addressed the audience by highlighting the objectives within AY, the importance of collaboration and the purpose of the event, informing that it is a dialogue, an occasion to come together with the aim of closing the gap between the youth, the elders, and community leaders.

This year, a platform to reflect and find tangible solutions was set up by writing down key points of discussion and build a better future for Multicultural Australia.

The Secretary of the BOIV, Sheikh Muhammad Nawas, delivered an informative presentation, showcasing the services that BOIV offers, including Marriage Registrations, Couple and Family Counselling, and Inherentance and Islamic Wills.

We were pleased to have the Youth Commissioner, Luna Folly and Deputy Commissioner, Bwe Thay from the Victorian Multicultural Commission attend the iftar. Luna made reference to the significance of engagement within the multicultural community to enhance social integration.

The facilitators ranged from expert professionals and faith leaders to cater for conversations such as Islamophobia, Marriage, Youth Leadership and Interfaith Faith Engagement, primarily to engage a youth-led perspective.

Activate Youth will continue to empower, lead, and inspire the next generation of Australian Multicultural Muslims by creating shared experiences to establish a sense of belonging.