We know an English proverb: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Presently in this computer/IT/internet/Facebook era, the new proverb about friend has become like this:  A Facebook friend is not a friend at farewell and funeral. 

Is this modern proverb really applicable in practice?  Well, let us analyse this.

Imagine, a person having more than 2,000 “friends” on Facebook!  Can you imagine his/her happiness?  No worldly problem at all for him/her due to support of 2,000 plus friends!

Is the above observation a reality? A fact? A fantasy? Or just emotional thinking?

What did these “innovative inventions” like “chatting”, “internet friendship”, “SMS” etc bring into our lives? Cultural revolution? Or downgrading or morals?

Presently millions of people, including teenagers, are wasting their and other’s precious time and energy on internet on such fantasy. Particularly, study of students is affected.

The concept of “friendship” has been killed, where one internet user has thousands of friends, and more than 90% of these “friends” are not known personally to him/her.

Other downgrading of morals has been brought by SMS, which is also a time killing device, and perhaps the time wasted on this should have been utilized in some concrete and useful activity. Some SMSians proudly boast that they send/receive more than 200 messages each day!!!!

How about message from Allah ie His Message, Holy Quran? How many of such people ponder over message of Allah in Holy Quran daily?

One should give serious consideration to this aspect in view of precious time we have to spend in useful activity in our life bestowed to us by God Almighty.

“O believers, Fear Allâh and keep your duty to Him. And let every person look at what he has sent forth for the tomorrow (Day of Judgement), and fear Allâh. Verily, Allâh is All-Aware of what you do.” ( Quran 59:18)

Therefore, in light of above Quranic Verse, we should devote our time carefully, since time is much precious, and this life has been given to us by Allah only once.