There is a proverb, “Well begun is half done” and for performing Hajj, that proverb is also very much applicable.

By seeking to answer the questions posed in this checklist would broaden our understanding of Hajj, for achieving the goals for which Allah has prescribed the Hajj for and achieving the desired outcomes during and after the performance of Hajj:

  1. Do I know well about the Hajj?
  2. If I do, then, do I share my knowledge with other Muslims for Da’wa?
  3. If I don’t, then what effort am I making to know well about the Hajj?
  4. Right now, is Hajj an obligation on me?
  5. If not, what is my plan towards the eligibility for Hajj one day?
  6. If yes, then, when am I performing the obligatory Hajj?
  7. Am I waiting to be older for performing my Hajj?
  8. Am I waiting to be perfect before I perform my Hajj?
  9. Do I know when Hajj becomes a compulsion on me? Is it old age or perfection or the ability?
  10. Is hajj a priority in my life? Or is it in the bottom of the list?
  11. Do I know the benefits of the Hajj well?
  12. Do I know the bad consequences if I do not perform the Hajj despite my ability?
  13. If I do Hajj, what is the right intention for doing it?
  14. Do I know, some Hajjes are not accepted?
  15. Do I know the reasons why some Hajjes are not accepted?
  16. Do I know the conditions from Allah for the acceptance of the Hajj?
  17. What are those conditions?
  18. If I am planning to perform Hajj, am I fully prepared?
  19. What are the important aspects in the best preparation for Hajj?
  20. Have I got the Halal money to do the Hajj?
  21. Have I learnt every rule already or have I left it for the last minute?
  22. If I have done my Hajj, what the Hajj changed in me? Or am I the same as before?
  23. After my Hajj, have I become a Da’ee Ilallah (Inviter to the path of Allah)?
  24. What work am I doing in spreading the teachings of Hajj to others?
  25. Hajj is responding to Allah’s call. After my Hajj do I respond to Allah’s call five times daily by attending in Salah? Or in Halal and Haram issues? Or in the obedience of Allah in every aspect of my life? Has my Hajj made me a Muttaqi, a kind, generous and a peaceful person with good moral character?