Almost 150 Muslim leaders and Imams joined by a number of politicians and business leaders flocked to Sydney from all over Australia to attend AFIC’s first Sydney Iftar of 2022 on Saturday 9 April at Al Aseel restaurant tucked away in the Western Sydney hub of Greenacre. 

The honoured guest, Hon Ann Stanley, federal Labor MP representing the Division of Werriwa highly appreciated the multicultural nature of the event and thanked AFIC President Dr Rateb Jneid for taking the initiative and AFIC CEO Keysar Trad in organising it on a national level.

The National Grand Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari stressed during his keynote speech, the importance of achieving unity and empowering the youth to carry on the mission of Islam in Australia.

“A young person is like a river, he/she looks for the path of least resistance.  We should make volunteering in the community easy for them to choose so that they can carry the banner into the future,” Sheikh Al Azhari said while quoting Imam Mohammad Trad.

He further added, “We must also work on up-skilling our committee members and volunteers, so that our centres will offer continuing professional development and an avenue to remain abreast of the field and excel.”

Dr Rateb Jneid expressed his gratitude to Allah for the blessing of freely practicing Ramadan this year and thanked the guests from interstate for joining AFIC’s Iftar in Sydney.

“There is no other event like a nightly Iftar that brings friends, family and community together and there is nothing like being together that can make an Iftar such a beautiful and joyous occasion,” Dr Jneid concluded.

Bilal Rifai with Sh Abdelrahman Rifai

Anne Stanley MP with Sheikh Rifai and Dr Ali Sarfraz

The official table with Anne Stanley MP Sheikh Shafiq Khan and Dr Intaj Ali

Sheikh Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari the National Grand Mufti of Australia

Sh Mohamad Aboueid Dr Jneid and Mohamad Berjaoui

Sh Khaled Taleb

Dr Rateb Jneid

Dr Rateb Jneid with Stepan Kerkyasharian

Keysar Trad

Dr Rateb Jneid with Mahmoud Yousef Sam Itani Ahmad Sobh Khaled Elkordi Ahmad Taleb and Rached Slaiman

Dr Rateb and Mrs Manal Jneid and delegates

Dr Jneid with professors Grahame and Elizabeth Elder Dr Wissam Soubra Fred Ashwah and Abbas and Iman Eltaif

Dr Jneid with Imam Soner Coruhlu and Dr Frank Alafaci

Dr Jneid with guests and delegates

Dr Jneid with Dr Ali Safraz and Ms Alia Sarfraz

Dr Jneid with Bodella Abu Samen and Taleb

Dr Jneid Hajj Yasser Nasser Mohamad Elmouelhi and Raafat Alhilali

Dr Jneid Abraham Zoabi and Ali Roude