Before understanding the need for Zakat and Sadaqah, here in Australia or elsewhere, change begins with each of us understanding why and how we can follow the beautiful religion of Islam.

Since 2013, the National Zakat Foundation Australia has been primarily focused on local emergency relief and establishing a platform that can provide an end-to-end welfare service for the Australian Muslim community through the Pillar of Zakat.

Over the years, our work has expanded from the collection and distribution of Zakat to the provision of educational resources, sustainable support systems through Community Programs and raising awareness about the Islamic obligation of paying Zakat.

There is still a persisting view in our community that a thriving Western country, like Australia, doesn’t have people in need, especially when comparing to other countries. Sadly, we still see real Muslim families, men, and women in Australia approach us with heart-breaking experiences of being kicked out of homes, enduring abusive relationships, experiencing sudden unemployment with no means to care for their children with limited government services due to their eligibility status – and the stories don’t stop there.

On a community level, the Zakat and support received at NZF from our generous donors and partners goes towards empowering each Muslim in need to find their footing, work through difficult situations towards a better future, and join us as a Zakat payer themselves to help other brothers and sisters in need.

For this vision to continue, we need to start with understanding the importance of Zakat. What does Zakat mean to us? How does that translate into our relationship with ourselves, our communities, our faith and Allah Himself? As Muslims, we all know the five Pillars of Islam and we incorporate it into our lives on a regular basis.

We pray daily and Fast for a month each year while abiding to their specific rulings. Yet when it comes to Zakat, which only needs to be done once a year, many of us lack the understanding of the ordained rules on its calculation, distribution, and the blessings it brings for us as a Pillar of Islam.

We’ve become so caught up in the process of validating another’s need for Zakat and what cause is most deserving that we undermine the basics of Zakat ordained by Allah in His Quran and Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Sunnah.

If you’ve been wanting to improve your relationship with Allah through understanding more about the Pillar of Zakat and have been looking for someone to help you on this journey leading into Ramadan, visit us at or call our team at 1300 663 729.

This Ramadan let’s make a commitment to learn something new about Zakat and work together to empower Muslims in our communities through Zakat. Even if we’ve embodied one thing that will allow us to stand before Allah on the Day of Judgement and testify that we strived to learn, let it be about upholding this Pillar of Islam – Pillar of Zakat.