The three women traveled a long distance through
the forest and swamp land, desert terrain and the endless plain.To arrive on the shore of the mighty ocean so full
of turmoil made from the heightened waves.

When none of them felt competent to swim across
the ocean infested with shark and other animals
hostile to the earthlings.

In the days that followed, one of the women
stayed on the prayer mat day after day to find
that the prayer did not enable her to cross the

While the other two women resorted to build
boat and the airplane.

And once these were made, both were able
to make onto other shore as they too prayed
to the Source and the Constant as an act
of submission.

And as the woman who remained seated
on the prayer mat, came to realise that the
Creator needed not to intervene as the humans
were given knowledge and intellect to make use
of the forces of nature towards the advantage.