A fundraising dinner was organised by Lakemba Islamic Centre at the Highline Venue in Bankstown on Sunday 13 March 2022.

Lakemba is a thriving multicultural suburb in southwest Sydney with a diverse large Muslim population.

Considering the urgent need of local residents for a community centre including the prayer facilities, Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC), a renowned religious community organisation in Australia, initiated this centre about a decade ago.

Lakemba Islamic Centre (LIC) provides prayer facilities including the Juma and Eid prayer, study circles and learning activities for the children

It also offers Ramadan Iftars, Qur’an competition, Dawah activities, learning activities for new Muslims, participation in local community development and informal social work.

Although the centre was officially established in 2015, the organisation was not able to collect enough funds to pay back the loan taken for the construction cost. The COVID-19 situation also hindered the progress to some extent.

Therefore, the centre organised this fundraising dinner event that attracted enormous support from the Muslim communities in Australia.

A moment of the LIC fundraising event

Hundreds of participants attended this event along with their friends and family members to support this valuable project in the heart of Lakemba.

The program was moderated by the coordinator of this fundraising dinner Mahmud Alam while Sheikh Shadi AlSuleiman, the President ANIC, Dr Rafiqul Islam, Central President of IPDC, Eng Monir Hossain, Central Deputy President of IPDC, Kamal Mahmud, State President of IPDC NSW, and Sheikh Abu Hurayra, Imam of the St Mary’s Masjid, were among the guests and dignitaries present at the event.

Several other community leaders, religious leaders and social workers were present helping to make the event successful. Participants in this fundraising dinner made a great number of commitments to support the LIC project.