How to raise awareness of mental health we need to contemplate our lifestyle patterns. The soaring competition with each other to achieve the upper echelon of society has led to a sharp rise in mental illness.

For awareness of mental health and better mental health, we need to determine how we handle this notorious phenomenon of intense competition. The trapping of success, power, fame, and money has plagued humankind and civilization.

Have we questioned ourselves that flaunting our status, money, and lifestyle could have dire effects on people’s mental health, emotional psychological and social health, especially those who are living below the poverty line and people who are trying to recuperate from their traumatic experiences of life?

This is high time we needed to understand the emotional and physical wellness of every individual. Raising awareness of mental health, let us start building positive habits for our mental health as mental health is important and pivotal for our emotional wellbeing.

1- Limit the use of social media
Mental Health Matters

Social media & mental health.

One of the blessings of our contemporary era is the use of smartphones that has an array of maverick applications designed to make our lives easier and smarter, however, the flip side is different, getting yourselves indulged in social media could lead to mental illness, depression, social anxiety and negativity, hence, raising awareness of mental health becomes imperative.

Infinite Clicks and scrolls through different profiles of celebrities, Instagrammers, Influencers, travelers, and your friends on social medium give you a subliminal message of self-comparison with these individuals giving rise to mental disorders and mental health problems.

Furthermore, rampant cyberbullying on social media is one of the significant drawbacks of digital social networking that can severely impact your mental health conditions. Remember, our wellbeing comes first. Start building positive habits from today.

If we are mentally fit we can crack our goals. Let us limit our use of social networks to keep ourselves away from mental illness. Stuff a healthy dinner with your family with a cell phone-free meal and enjoy a deep- peaceful sleep with screen-free nights.

Restricting the use of social media is one of the best positive habits of the contemporary era.

2- Stop complaining

Raising awareness of mental health becomes imperative when we look around people complaining. Continuous complaining about life is the warning sign that you are under intense mental illness and cannot handle stress.

Life is not a bed of roses, but one can make it a beautiful flower by living a stress-free life. Do not expect others to appreciate you and make you joyful, live your life.

Make a daily routine for positive life and eliminate the word complaint from your dictionary.

3- Practice compassion
Mental Health Matters

Be compassionate and spread love.

When it comes to mental health, the question is,  how to raise awareness for mental health? Being compassionate to others is the epitome of virtue and it contributes to good mental health.

Sympathetic behavior helps to boost satisfaction. We need to create a more caring, more compassionate society. Compassion is the feeling that gives you happiness, contentment, and motivation.

Moreover, when we endeavor hard to mitigate the sufferings of deprived fellows with kindness, it brings the true essence of happiness and satisfaction and gives us neverending emotional psychological and social health benefits. 

The question is how one can be empathetic to others? Let us understand the scenario. We live in a heterogeneous environment where many classes are deprived of happiness, money, partner, child, and love.

For instance, if we have any childless couple in our social circle, we need to be vigilant in expressing our happiness and posting our pictures on social media that could trigger sadness, mental disorders, and tears amongst these deprived classes.

4- Spend quality time with family
Mental Health Matters

Our Parents need us.

Adopting a daily routine for positive life is pivotal for healthy wellbeing. Spending ample time with your family nurtures your mental health and soul, but family bonds were almost at the brink of extinction before the pandemic.

People were busy and glued with their hectic work patterns and lifestyle, and all of a sudden COVID-19 intervened and altered this scenario.

The intervention of COVID-19 in our lives made us realize the significance of the family relationship and its positive effects on our mental health conditions. Have a healthy and funny chit-chat session with your family, at least at a dinner table.

Don’t leave your elderly parents and grandparents alone. Live with them at least call them regularly and visit at least twice a week. These are some of the best positive habits which we should induct into our daily routine for positive life.

Remember! there are many facets and experiences of life we can learn from our grandparents and embed them in our lives. Take them out for a beautiful walk in nature.

Why not go to exercise together? We all know that workouts and exercise are good for health, but when it is done with your loved ones it boosts your positive emotions, mental vitality and enhances your energy levels.

 Don’t forget that mental health and fitness are important at every stage of life.

5- Learn to forgive
Mental Health Matters

Leave past behind. Focus Mental Health.

Forgiveness is intrinsic to human nature, and it brings positive effects on your mental health. Health includes our emotional wellbeing, and forgiveness gives you a real sense of contentment and happiness. The best medicine for your angry soul is to forgive others.

Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, but it shows great courage. Forgiveness is the sign of the best positive habit in ones’ life. Lingering on past events will only contribute to mental illness, and you will digress from your actual goal of life.

Practice forgiving others and move on. When we initiate building positive habits, we should adopt the act of forgiveness to leverage ourselves.

6- Live simple life

Mental Health Matters

Take a detour from a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle to an austere lifestyle. Make your wardrobe simple with a limited amount of high-end fashion brands.

We need to alter our eating styles. Venomous addiction to fast food can lead to an impaired nervous system. It is a warning sign of deteriorating mental health conditions.

By taking austerity measures, we can have a tension-free mind and better self-care, and one of the greatest benefits is that we can grow spiritually. Humans are always in a deep quench for happiness, and simplicity can bring it. By living an austere lifestyle, we are raising awareness of mental health for happiness-deprived souls.


The upshot of the discussion is that our mental health and fitness are highly dependent on the habits we adopt. It is imperative that we induct healthy lifestyle practices from early childhood and adolescence because a healthy society leads to a flourished nation.