We welcome something that is beneficial. The month of Ramadan brings the highest degree of benefits.

Fasting in Ramadan is prescribed by Allah, and we welcome Ramadan to welcome Allah’s Mercy. We know that Allah’s Mercy envelops everything in His creations. Therefore, Ramadan is the month of Mercy for every human whether one believes in Him or not.

I would like to list few examples below about how Ramadan brings blessings for the mankind.

  1. Rich or poor: Fasting month does not discriminate anyone from earning unlimited rewards from Allah whether one is rich or poor. Allah provides His Mercy is for all through the worships in this month.
  2. Any nationality: In the prescription of fasting there is no room for nationalism to disadvantage for any nationality. Anyone under the sky can gain Allah’s Mercy from it.
  3. Forgiveness for all: Whoever will fast, pray and worship Allah will find the door of Allah’s forgiveness open. Male, female, old or young, anyone can gain from it.
  4. Free for all: Allah did not put any restriction in believing in Him and joining His fasting month’s acts of worships. It is open for anyone without any fees, taxes, penalties, or paperwork.
  5. Peace for all: The purpose of fasting is to learn self-control and righteousness (Taqwa). Honesty, generosity, kindness, unselfishness, loving, and best moral character makes homes, communities, countries peaceful. The absence of peace everywhere is due to the lack of righteousness and immorality.
  6. Sharing joy for cohesive society: Providing Iftar for others, giving charity to the poor (Sadaqatul Fitr), sharing Eid gifts around, inviting non-Muslim friends, praying together in unity are Ramadan practices that help in building a cohesive society. It benefits everyone in the society directly or indirectly.
  7. Happy homes: Domestic violence is a rising problem in many societies. Fasting program is to control anger and violent behaviour to make homes safe, peaceful and loving.
  8. World economy: Muslims are living all around the world. Ramadan stimulates the spending that gives growth to businesses of all sorts. It contributes economic benefits for the entire mankind.
  9. A merciful program: Allah is Merciful, and His fasting prescription comes with Mercy as well. Sick, weak, tired traveller, pregnant women, women in menstruation etc can break the fast and make up later without losing the rewards and Mercy from Allah.
  10. No loss but only gains: In summary, Ramadan brings unity, positivity, best moral character, and peace for all. It brings only gain in this life and in the next life.

The above examples shows how Ramadan is a blessing for mankind. Therefore, we must welcome it sincerely with our hearts and souls. Allah’s prescription of fasting in the Holy Quran is a Mercy for all. Allah commands:

“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you: As it was prescribed to those before you that you may (Learn) self-control (Taqwa).” [Quran 2:183]