Since Ramadan last year, we’ve had the opportunity to launch our Real Talk series with a diverse range of individuals from the Australian Muslim community, active influential and quiet achievers alike.

With each episode, we’ve been able to dive into topics not normally discussed by our community, while openly addressing the scars we as Muslims are still learning to heal from today.

The purpose of Real Talk is to have honest conversations with real people, experts, and people of knowledge about real problems facing our generation which, if not healed, will haunt the generations we leave behind. We tend to connect a relevant NZF program as a theme for each episode.

Some of the most prominent and well received topics were based on our Healing Forward (Domestic Violence), New Beginnings (Drugs & Addiction), Smiling Minds (Mental Health Recovery) and Breaking Barriers (Muslims with special needs) programs to name a few.

Real Talk episode on Muslims & Mental Health: Passing fad or pressing crisis?

Host- Reem Khan and Guest Speakers- Nasreen Hanifi and Dalya Ayoub

Our most recent episode featured Raian Hoblos. We were extremely impressed by her passion for raising awareness and advocating for the needs of Deaf Muslims. As a Deaf Muslim herself, we knew she would be perfect to collaborate with, particularly for NZF’s Breaking Barriers program.

As one of our volunteers, Denise is an AUSLAN interpreter by profession, she was excited to network with Raian and get her ideas on where she thought we should start. We discussed how NZF could support the Deaf Muslims and we organised a Real Talk episode, for the purpose of raising awareness about the needs of Deaf Muslims, within the wider Muslim community.

In addition, we are currently working with Raian on other great initiatives for the Deaf community.

Tune in this Ramadan, we have an exciting range of Real Talk episodes lined up with an array of different topics and guests. Join the conversation about how we can strengthen our community here in Australia for the sake of Allah.

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