Do you ever feel anxious, have little or no confidence, or feel unsafe in your circumstances? Do you feel the need to depend on others for things or approval? Do you feel self-pity or that you need to prove your worth to others? If so, you could be having feelings of being ‘insecure.’

Insecurity creates self-doubt and fear and cripples you from living a joyful, productive life. When you feel insecure, you resist total submission to Allah. You begin to believe in shaitaan’s whispers that you are “not good enough” or that you “don’t have what it takes” or that you are a “fraud.”

These negative whisperings not only create massive blocks in every aspect of your life, such as, relationships, finances, spirituality, to name a few, but also affect your mental health and holistic wellbeing overall.

Insecurity stems from emotional hurt or pain that has not been healed. Instead of processing hurt and emotional pain, we tend to put on a brave face and slap on a big, padded band-aid over them. We become fearful of our own vulnerabilities by moving on with life carrying a load of unprocessed emotions.

The way to process emotional hurt and pain is to identify what happened, when it happened, and who was involved. You may need professional help from a therapist to successfully identify these suppressed, or sometimes blocked, memories. Once you have identified them, you are then on the road to overcoming feelings of insecurity associated with these memories.

Strategies to Overcome Insecurity

Affirmations repeated daily can re-wire the brain. Below are six typical situations which may cause feelings of insecurity. Try practising these affirmations to become aware and re-wire your brain.

Situation Affirmation
When people compliment others in front of me I am unique. Allah has blessed every creation with their own unique abilities. I am enough because I am Allah’s creation.
When I struggle financially Allah is Ar-Razak. Only Allah provides my sustenance. Everything I need, Allah provides immediately.
When I struggle with my body image Allah has blessed me with optimum health. I am a soulful being dwelling temporarily in this body. Every salah I pray, my body re-energises with faith and wellbeing. I am a beautiful creation of Allah.
When I feel I do not deserve compliments or monetary rewards for my efforts I am worthy of rewards. I work hard and Allah knows my efforts. He rewards me for my efforts. I accept wholeheartedly whatever HE has ordained for me to receive as payment for my services.
When I feel I don’t have as much as my other friends or family members ALLAH provides me with comfort and ease. I accept wholeheartedly and gratefully all that ALLAH provides for me and my family. I embrace Allah’s abundant blessings in my life.
When I feel I lack skills or aptitude I have a mind with unlimited potential. Allah gives me knowledge, intelligence, reason, and creativity. Allah helps me in every task I perform that is good for me and my Deen.