Have you ever seen a Muslim woman and wondered, how does she do it? With her commitment to her faith, her cultural heritage, her family and social relationships, her responsibilities, her health, her passions, her service to the community, her role as a leader – how do we navigate multiple roles as Muslim women?

In celebrating International Women’s Day, the Navigating Multiple Roles as Muslim Women online event will be held on Tuesday 8 March 2022, 6:30pm-7:30pm on Zoom, and presents a stellar line up of speakers: Dr Susan Carland, Tasneem Chopra, Chahida Bakkour and Dr Zuleyha Keskin.

Being a Muslim woman should not mean we are limited to a restricted box of what we can and can’t do, however it is important to know our priorities when having multiple roles.

This maintains good mental, physical, spiritual and familial health and avoids dangerous consequences such as burnout or isolation.

This expert panel will touch on various aspects of having multiple roles including, how to juggle various roles, why they feel it’s important to have various roles as Muslims, being a mother while having various other roles, and perks and challenges of having a leadership role in the community.


– Tasneem Chopra – Broadcaster, Speaker, Author, AntiRacism Champion


– Dr Susan Carland – Academic, Television Host

– Chahida Bakkour – Head of Airspace Platform at Airservices Australia

– Dr Zuleyha Keskin – Academic, Community Activist

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