The Al Siraat College community received the devastating news that the greatly respected, beloved College Imam, Sheikh Waseem and his family have been unsuccessful in their application for residency in Australia.

Their visa to stay in Australia is also now expired which means Sheikh Waseem and his family will face deportation.

Thousands of people have already signed a petition appealing to the Minister of Immigration to intervene and support their request for Sheikh Waseem and his family to stay in Australia and to continue serving the Al Siraat College community.

Some of the comments that are coming through on the petition reflect the positive impact Sheikh Waseem has had on countless Australians during his time here over the last two decades.

“I’m signing because Shaik Waseem is a gem of a person. He has always guided us in best possible ways in our highs and lows. He is an excellent example of what a leader should be. Moreover, he is very dear to our community.” (Kaunain Ziaulla, Australia)

“Let this family stay. Stop the cruelty of our government denying permanent residency to terrific future citizens.”  Vicki Lilley of Canberra

“Sheikh Waseem is an inspiration to the community. He encourages people to be their best self. I said my testament of faith with him at Fawker Masjid probably 20 years ago. He made me feel relaxed and welcomed when I was so nervous. He is an asset to the whole Australian community at large.” (Luke Shaw, Fawkner, Australia)

Over the last 7 years Sheikh Waseem has been a Hifz and Quran teacher at Al Siraat.  He leads prayers, including the Jumuah prayer, provides Islamic counselling to students and families and has made significant positive contributions towards the community during his time here in Australia.

It makes no sense to deport people that have a demonstrated history of exceptional character and good values, who give back so much.

Please sign and share the petition below: