More than 18 million people, three times higher than official records suggest, have probably died because of COVID-19, say researchers. Their report comes two years to the day from when the World Health Organization first declared the pandemic.

The COVID-19 excess mortality team at the US’s Washington University studied 191 countries and territories for what they call the true global death figure.

They could not count the extra victims of coronavirus scapegoating, like the millions of Muslims in India.

Scapegoating refers to the human tendency to blame someone else for one’s own economic, social or personal problems, a process that traditionally resulted in men blaming women for failing to have male children.

Scapegoating serves as an opportunity to publicly vent one’s own frustrations, rage and hate, while ignoring one’s own failures or misdeeds and maintaining one’s positive self-image.

It is important for all members of minority groups to realize for themselves and teach others that the victims of hate filled scapegoaters are completely innocent of all responsibility for the problems that the scapegoater has.

Do not ever let children fall for the hate virus that claims the victims somehow brought this hatred upon themselves.

The Coronavirus pandemic may be novel, but Jews have had a long and tragic history of being accused of spreading deadly viruses. During the Black Death which started in 1348, hundreds of Jewish communities in Western Europe were attacked, despite the intervention of Pope Clement VI, who pointed out that Jews were dying from the plague just like everyone else.

Needless to say, all that Jewish blood did nothing to stop the plague.

As the plague swept across Europe, killing one third to one half the population, people had no scientific understanding of the disease and were looking for an explanation. Jews were often taken as scapegoats and accusations spread that Jews, in league with the Devil, had caused the disease by deliberately poisoning wells.

Nothing like this happened in the Arab or Muslim world although the bubonic plague swept through it as well.

But Muslims in India have also being scapegoated for spreading COVID-19.

Two weeks before the Indian lockdown began, between 8 March and 10 March 2020, members of the Muslim missionary organisation Tablighi Jamaat gathered from across India and Southeast Asia in Delhi for a long-scheduled meeting.

Hundreds of these missionaries, then left Delhi to visit villages and towns around India to preach, mostly to Muslims, and some of them unknowingly carried the coronavirus with them.

Now a slew of fake videos were being shared showing Muslims plotting to spread the coronavirus, including one video allegedly capturing Muslim men intentionally sneezing on others to infect them, and sadly some Hindu nationalist politicians began the public scapegoating Muslim plot process.

The independent and free media must expose all scapegoating where ever it occurs on the globe.