Over the past 20 years young newly-immigrant children in Sweden, aged below 16, have been forcefully taken away from their parents by the Swedish social services. In most cases, they have been exposed to traumatic experiences in their new households, such as abuse and rape. 

Over the past couple of years, there has been a noticeable increase in the take of young children away from their recently-migrated families. Statistics confirm that about 20, 000 children are seized by the Swedish social services every year.

These innocent victims are taken for the most unreasonable excuses to be placed in foster homes with horrendous conditions and exposures.

In fact, the NCHR (Nordic Committee for Human Rights), had published a report in 2012 titled ‘Child removal cases in Sweden and the neighboring Nordic countries’. The report discusses the magnitude, impact and consequences of taking these young children away from their families. 

The article quotes, “…sending this request to the Council of Europe, the Minister Committee and the European Parliament for a thorough investigation of the very prevalent and destructive Child Removal Cases that are being practiced, on a daily basis, in the neighboring Nordic countries.”

The children taken away are faced with the reality of having to adapt to a lot of changes. These adaptations are not as simple as one might imagine; it’s a complete change in the language they used to talk in, the religion or faith they used to follow and the ethics they were raised around and taught. This leads to a gradual deprivement of their identity as a whole.

Why do they do this? So they can white-wash them, breed a new Swedish cohort and introduce to history a new stolen generation.

In fact we start to witness the consequences of this tragic child removal act. A one of many proofs is the ongoing court trial on a man, in his 60s, who was found guilty of raping the foster child that was placed to live with him.

Another huge piece of evidence is the resignation of a Swedish social service worker; who said that his morals didn’t align with what is currently happening, of corruption and cruelty, with the foster children.

The torn families of these very young victims have been trying to tell their stories on different platforms of social media. Desperately trying to seek justice from anyone who is able to make a change; so they can hold their children in their arms again. Because not only do the Swedish social services take away the children from their parents, but on many occasions they don’t allow them to meet ever in person again. Their only, supposedly-fortunate, option is to video call each other. How heartbreaking is this?

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As a Muslim community, an issue like this should matter to us, because Islam teaches to speak against injustice acts that affect anyone, anywhere. This is why we should stand in unity, opposing what is currently happening in Sweden and raising awareness about this matter.