My Darling Daughter:

The love I have for you is so special so rare ..

You’re the most special gifts, out of all that Allah gave..

I wouldn’t ever trade that beautiful smile on your face..

Or allow anyone to steal that inner charm away..

You’re just perfect the way you were made.

My Beloved daughter there’s also something else I would like to share:

-It’s okay to cry and still be brave..

-It’s okay to stumble, and still walk away..

-It’s okay to err, but never go astray..

-It’s okay to fail, but know success is few steps away..

-It’s okay to be messy or heartbroken or feel overwhelmed or betrayed..

-It’s okay not to feel okay, even if things around seem safe..

I promise to always love you no matter what comes our way..

Also my daughter please be aware ..

This might be uneasy but I still need to say..

There might come a time, I may not be there… So I want you to embrace whatever comes your way .. with courage, hope, perseverance and faith.

Never allow Dunya to occupy much space.

Your Heart is Sacred, and you choose what stays!

Anytime you feel uncertain or a trail hits your way .. remember to humble yourself, seek forgiveness and bow down to prostrate.

I’d like to end by asking forgiveness for the mistakes I made, for the times I vented and the times I failed.

Despite of all that I know you deeply love me and yearn for my tender care.

I can’t tell you how proud I’m to be your Mother and your best Mate!


Forever yours,



– By Amatullah Tasneem