Wedding Announcement

Waseem Ahmad and Mobinah Ahmad got married during a Nikah ceremony on Saturday 22 January 2022 at a COVID-safe garden Nikah ceremony held at Mobinah’s family residence Dar-ul-Islam in Bonnyrigg, Sydney attended by extended family members in person and many family and friends from all over the globe via Zoom.

A Waleema was also held on Sunday 23 January by Waseem’s family in Pakistan joined by the married couple together with family and friends via Zoom. A wedding reception has been planned for Thursday 24 March 2022.

Waseem is the son of the late Mr Muhammad Javed and Mrs Musarrat Javed while Mobinah is the daughter of Mr Ziaul Islam Ahmad and Mrs Mehar Jahan Ahmad and granddaughter of Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad OAM and Mrs Jamal Ara Ahmad.

Waseem is a chemical engineer currently completing PhD at Griffith University in Gold Coast while Mobinah is the NSW executive officer for the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

About the Couple

Waseem is a humble, ambitious and practising Muslim man. He is a chemical engineer with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Science currently doing his PhD in Environmental Science. He is a deep thinker, loves philosophy and poetry of Allamah Iqbal. He enjoys jogging daily, fasting, research, hiking, traveling, meeting new people and trying new things. He loves cooking, and his specialty dish is biryani.

Mobinah is an ambitious, intellectual and practising Muslim woman. She holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Science (Psychology) and Arts (Digital Media) and a Masters in Digital Communication and Culture, and a Masters in Islamic Studies. She is planning to do a PhD in Islam and a social Media in the Australian digital context Inshallah. She is passionate about seeking knowledge, cooking, travelling, boxing, mentorship and public speaking.

They both have a deep appreciation for seeking knowledge, Islam, planning and understanding of the self.

Their Story

After being introduced by her mother, Mobinah and Waseem began speaking on Sunday, 7 November 2021 and after a series of emails, they exchanged their contacts.

The two started their courtship discussing over 300 questions in a meticulous spreadsheet on 25 topics: religion, rights and responsibilities, goals, family, childhood, conflict resolution, finance and many more. Mobinah and Waseem developed an intellectual and religious connection over phone calls and the occasional video call in just over a month, restricted by border closure.

As soon as borders opened, Waseem flew down to Sydney on Saturday 18 December 2021 where they discussed their interest in moving forward after meeting in person. They prayed Dhuhr, made dua and met Mobinah’s parents over lunch. The next day, Waseem visited  Mobinah’s family residence Dar-ul-Islam and met with Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad, Mobinah’s grandfather and family.

After a delicious home-cooked meal, Waseem and his mother formally proposed to Mobinah and her parents, asking for her hand in marriage. They accepted. The wedding plans began. The Nikah date was set for Saturday 22 January 2022.

Waseem loves Mobinah’s intellect and style of meticulous planning, and Mobinah loves Waseem’s humility and kindness.

Ziaul Islam Ahmad (Father of the Bride), Waseem Ahmad, Mobinah Ahmad, Mehar Ahmad (Mother of the Bride).

The Pomegranate Tree

“In both of them are fruit and palm trees and pomegranates. So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?” (Quran 55:68-69)

Waseem told Mobinah he would like to plant a pomegranate tree together in her parent’s garden at Dar-ul-Islam

The planting of this tree is a pledge of his love to her. Even though she is leaving her family home to live a life with him, her ancestral roots will always remain at Dar-ul-Islam in Bonnyrigg, Sydney, Australia.

It is also a promise to regularly go back to the home, visit the tree and eat the fruit it bears for years to come.

Mobinah’s family will maintain the tree as a symbol to provide the love, support, nourishment and protection the newlyweds need in their marriage from their family over time as it matures and bears fruit in the future Inshallah, by the will of Allah.

THE FAMILY (left to right) Wali Bokhari, Zia Ahmad, Eesa Bokhari, Waseem Ahmad, Mobinah Ahmad, Saminah Ahmad, Mehar Ahmad, Rubinah Ahmad, Halimah Bokhari and Sakinah Ahmad.

The planting of the tree is with the intention to be together in the next life Inshallah, where Allah has mentioned pomegranate trees as a delicious reward in paradise.

Humility is one of the qualities in Waseem that attracted Mobinah the most. As mentioned in the Quran (6:141), this tree is a reminder not to act extravagantly and instead be humble.

Planting a tree is an act of charity

Mobinah and Waseem will start their marriage doing an act of sadaqah jariah, a charitable gift in Islam that will benefit others in this life and benefit the couple and their loved ones in the next.

The more people take benefit of this pomegranate tree that Mobinah and Waseem have planted, the more reward they will get.

Mobinah’s family will also be rewarded for maintaining this tree Inshallah.

The Prophet Muhammad (s) said, “No Muslim plants a tree or sows a seed and then a bird, or a human, or an animal eats from it but that it is a charity for him.” (Hadith, Sahih Al Bukhari 2320).

WHAT THEY WORE The bride wore an Indo-Western gown with detailed gold embroidery and her maternal grandmother and mother’s gold jewellery. The Groom wore a elegant ivory Sherwani from Junaid Jamshed.

The Henna Ring

Waseem applies the Henna ring to Mobinah as a symbol of his consistent efforts and commitment to her.

The henna ring is an initiative taken by the groom as he applies it to his bride. As the henna ring fades in weeks to come, it will need to be re-applied. This serves as a reminder that for a marriage to last – it needs consistency and effort. Love and marriage does not last if it is neglected to fade away, taken for granted, forgotten about, without consistency or effort.

Waseem will keep applying this henna ring to Mobinah as a promise to consistently make efforts to love one another in their marriage to ensure it lasts and stays strong throughout their lifetime inshallah. 

NIKAH CEREMONY The Islamic wedding ceremony was conducted by Sheikh Ahmed Abdo who delivered a beautiful sermon providing the process and advice on a successful marriage based on love and mercy. The couple were separated by a flower wall until they were married. The ceremony was then conducted where both the bride and groom said “Qabool” (yes in Urdu) three times as part of their acceptance. They signed their marriage certificates, mahr acceptance, with their witnesses and their customised marital contract.

Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad, grandfather of the bride was pleased to see that the ceremony was conducted by Sheikh Ahmed Abdo, a dear friend of the family.

Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad was present to witness the wedding of his beloved granddaughter, Mobinah Ahmad.

DADA’S GIFT Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad gifted his granddaughter and her new husband a beautiful customised Quran, and a heartfelt message with blessings and advice on their marital journey.

The Bride and Groom with Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad and Mrs Jamal Ara Ahmad (Bride’s paternal grandparents).

Custom made velvet Quran Cover has their names “Waseem and Mobinah in Arabic” gifted by J Designs.

The groom was gifted an Apple watch by his father in law Ziaul Islam Ahmad and an iPhone 13 by his mother in law, Mehar Ahmad. The father in law is placing the Apple Watch gift on the wrist of the Groom.

The marriage certificate was also signed by two witnesses (the Bride’s maternal uncles: Abul Fateh Siddiqui and Shahab Siddiqui) and the Wali was the bride’s father, Ziaul Islam Ahmad.

The bride and groom signed a customised marital contract which included the Mahr (bridal gift) and clauses that were personally relevant to them.

VENUE The wedding took place at the Dar-ul-Islam family mansion, Mobinah’s ancestral home where she grew up with her extended family in Bonnyrigg, Sydney, Australia.   

The Nikah ceremony was conducted in the grand front garden with an intimate gathering of 50 loved ones surrounded by lush greenery and flowers.

The Extended Family: Ahmad, Bokhari, Siddiqui, Khalil, Alam.

Father of the Bride Ziaul Ahmad wore a traditional white Sherwani and gave a speech introducing the bride and groom with a few jokes included.

Mother of the Bride wore a stunning purple sari, and gave a heartfelt Vote of Thanks for those attending the Nikah.

The Nikah was presented by MC Sakinah Ahmad, the oldest sister of the Bride.

Quran Recitation by the Bride’s brother in law, Dr Wali Bokhari who recited Surah Ar Rum (Quran 30:17-21).

Eesa Bokhari (Nephew of the Bride) recited the meaning of the Quran Recitation of his father.

A beautiful dua by Mobinah’s uncle, Usaid Khalil was delivered in urdu. He spoke about how he had a dream about this day and delivered beautiful prayer for the newlywed couple.

The groom was escorted in a crimson red Tesla Y driven by Wali Bokhari.

Guests received sweets and a thank you note and a delicious takeaway banquet of food.

Sisters of the Bride: (left to right) Sakinah Ahmad, Saminah Ahmad, Mobinah Ahmad and Rubinah Ahmad.

Congregational Maghrib prayers were given outdoors during sunset, led by Usaid Khalil.

The Nikah ceremony was broadcasted live on Zoom around the world to family and friends.

The wedding announcement was published in AMUST February edition on Page 11.