On 26 January 2022, the City of Canterbury Bankstown awarded Joumana Eljamal Citizen of the Year 2022 for her community work.

Mrs Joumana Menzalji Eljamal is the owner of Dustypink, a popular women’s clothing store and chairperson of the non-profit organisation Sydney Community Connect Inc, a charity that raises funds and rallies support for those in need.

In an Instagram post, Mrs Eljamal says, “Coming to Australia was a choice, success is determination and hard work. The result as a great achievement today, Citizen of the Year. Thank you to everyone who nominated me, to my family, to my Dustypink family, to my Sydney Community Connect family, my community, to everyone that believed in me and everyone who supported me during the year. A big thanks to Canterbury Bankstown City Council, to our mayor Mr Karl Asfour and the result is a great achievement. I’m so honoured. Do I deserve it? I think I do.”