It is a quite interesting that most of the young Muslims tend to refrain from the teachings and practices of faith in their lives. They find some of the (dominant) interpretations of belief quite restricting and unfathomable at times while they see the same aspects of religion in a different light.

This antipathy towards creed is also due to various other factors besides insufficient knowledge, dogmatic style of preaching which sound controlling to teenagers and young adults (and they end up experiencing aversion towards their conviction), self -driven motives for context research and misinformation secondary to hearsay.

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It must be considered that men and individual starts reading, writing, understanding, and reflecting on scriptural text end related material (Prophet’s lives, stories and patterns of lives of Waliullah (Allah’s friends)) through the capacity of their intellectual and emotional reservoir. The output or outcome of scholastic research and rational understanding reflects one’s personality traits in it.

For further clarification, we can say an individual whose personality is more driven by traits like agreeableness which include humility, responsive, thoughtful, and forgiving would emphasize more on loving our aspects of Ultimate Reality, nature, matters and dealings.

On the other hand, a person with extraversion traits attends and highlight laws, jurisprudence, rules, regulations, and boundaries more. A person with later traits draws fear from events, statements, experiences and contemplation.  Fear centered philosophies frequently reveal traits like dominant, compelling, and forceful.

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The lens of a personality creates a filter that sift religious teachings according to its natural tendencies. The regeneration and review of materials (scriptures, traditions, and transliteration) contains the depth of one’s emotional, intellectual, linguistic, and spiritual range.


The psychological understanding outlines the fact that we all have natural shortcomings in our intellectual, psychological, and social aspects of self which prevent us to see the picture with a complete and holistic view. The perfect truth resides with One Superior Force. We can only see the reflection of matters according to our emotional and intellectual capacities.


Unfortunately, with time, the component of love has been diminished vehemently and fear driven factors and forces are highlighted to the point that has shaped and colored religion into a set of dogma and policies only. This methodology precludes the essence of faith to sink into one’s heart and transforms character to improve ethical standards of living.

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Therefore, we do not observe changes in mindset and attitudes as the recent contents of religious thinking and preaching can only inform us about the rules but failed to touch the human soul which requires belonging, love and connection.