Our Australian Muslim community has seen many trials in the past three years alone following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic through recessions, lockdowns and isolation.

For many, remaining connected with the concept of a ‘community’ seemed almost far-fetched. Alhamdulillah, here at the National Zakat Foundation (NZF), our team did everything in our capacity with the blessings of Allah to provide the Muslim community with love, support and hope nationwide.

This past year marks another successful cycle of change for us as we shift gears to establish a sustainable support system that empowers Muslims in Australia, beyond emergency aid, using the power of local Zakat. We’ve seen that time and time again, individuals and organisations alike, tried to launch programs in isolation, often with little or no impact.

Due to this, we decided to strengthen our partnerships with notable community organisations and leaders to establish the NZF Community Programs.

Some of these programs include–Healing Forward, a domestic violence prevention and intervention program, Brighter Futures, an orphan care and education program, and Zikkies Thrift Stores which provide quality household and personal items at affordable prices for the community.

These programs have helped real Muslim families, men, women and children who have silently endured poverty, homelessness, debt, domestic violence, mental health issues, Islamophobia, and the disadvantages of being a migrant or refugee and more.

Earlier in the year, we started the Real Talk live series in collaboration with our partners along with various community advocates who are passionate about creating change for Muslims in Australia and beyond. These series provided the speakers, supporters, and audience the opportunity to openly discuss real issues faced by Muslims.
Each speaker brought with them wisdom, expertise and examples of how we can all collaboratively work together as part of the Ummah and really make a positive impact for a better future. Real Talk also triggered community-wide discussions on finding ways to help people in our communities and change their tomorrow for the better as individuals, leaders, and organisations.
To compliment these long-sighted programs and initiatives, we had the opportunity to bring back our yearly Zakat Tour workshops throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth at several mosques and community centres between lockdown periods.
Here we were able to meet and teach many men and women about the obligation of Zakat in Islam, the Fiqh of Zakat, how they can apply it in their lives, and its holistic benefits on their personal lives and others’.
Thank you to everyone who has supported NZF through this year’s journey. With your help and the help of Allah, NZF can assist more Muslims in need and change their tomorrow for the better.