As an 18-year-old Muslim entering a new world of adventures, I learnt a lot during my first year out of High School.

I remember the time I got my first job, which wasn’t easy, whilst trying to fit into a white environment where your religion wasn’t as significant as it used to be. I’ll admit, I didn’t fit in to the environment at all, however I kept working on focusing on myself.

I felt insecure, nervous, anxious, attacked internally and paranoid about my surroundings. Why am I addressing this you may ask? Well, genuine Muslim youth are finding it difficult to fit into mixed environments that can potentially stray  their mind away from Islam.

It is very hard and difficult, it is scary and I totally get it! These environments we are placed in at different workplaces, could potentially harm and lead to the loss of our connection with Islam. I am sure everyone has lost some sort of connection with Islam in one way or another.

The stereotype reactions we receive, the bad images we may get throughout our lives, all these factors and more are what add up to our struggles, whilst we try to conform with Islam.

Although it is evident that racism towards Muslims is still out there, it has been lessened a lot due to Australia’s Workplace Safety regulations. However, the struggle is real and is still out there.

We may feel insecure, anxious, worried, emotionally and mentally attacked. As a Muslim male, it is harder to fit into a genuine same-sex Muslim group than it is with the opposite gender.

You might disagree with me, and that’s totally fine but these are my views of what I had experienced. You might be wondering, what do I do? What should the Muslim Ummah do?

One must seek help from their friends, vent out, express your views and feelings to your loved ones. If you see others who you might believe or steer away from Islam, bring them back to our Ummah and help educate them and comfort them.

Having a bigger and stronger community will help eliminate these stereotypes and views of Muslims.

A more powerful Ummah will make it easier for us to cope with experiences that do not abide with Islam.

How may you ask? We can relate with one another, reflect on what we should have done and identify what is wrong and what is right in Islam.