As you embark upon preparing that oftentimes ritualistic annual list of resolutions for the new year, remember to reflect upon your thoughts, words, and deeds. 

Remember to include a prayer. A prayer to be an instrument for kindness, compassion, love, light, peace, courage, joy and justice. In every moment of the Creator’s miracle, ask to be an instrument to facilitate healing, empathy, health, wisdom and soulfulness. Every moment in life’s cycle of learning, ask to be a student and a teacher.

In life’s daily tests, pray for lessons that uplift, inspire and celebrate life. And pray that your thoughts, words and deeds be in sync with the Creator’s master plan. The only plan that matters.

I am deeply grateful to you for taking time out of your precious life to read my columns and send me messages of encouragement and constructive feedback.

Almighty Allah bless you and your loved ones with optimal health and wellbeing and give you clarity, courage, wisdom, and guidance to remain steadfast in your faith in Him alone and to ride through the waves of the ocean of life with gratitude and prayer.

Life in this body is temporary. Your soul temporarily dwells in a body with sensory perceptions. This body reacts to those perceptions. In other words, your body is a bag of Nafs motivating the Egoic self to succumb to unnecessary fears and want to control outcomes instead of flow with the Creator’s plans for you.

As much as possible, remain aware of this and aim to operate from your soulful self, not your egoic self.

Here’s a poem from my new book The Soul Speaks. Happy and prosperous 2022 to one and all.

In the hope of new beginnings,
pause with gratitude
reflect on your past one year.
Untangle all knots of regret
obstructing your heart
celebrate your resilience.
Rejoice over your every little accomplishment
ruminate on your healing
know that you are more than
a mask, a squirt of sanitizer, a border closure, a lockdown, a diagnosis.
Know that you are not your experiences .
You are the FORCE that overcomes them.
And so
In the hope of new beginnings
the flow.
the cycle of control.
With love, kindness and gratitude,
the ascending spiral
of alchemic surrender.