In collaboration with the Human Initiative Australia, Ashabul Kahfi Islamic Centre (AKIC) in Sydney held the ground breaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction of its Islamic Centre building on Saturday 4 December 2021.

The ground breaking ceremony event was conducted in parallel via zoom and onsite at 10-11 Edge St, Wiley Park, NSw. This is the location where the Ashabul Kahfi Islamic Centre will be built.

The event was attended by the Consul General of Republic Indonesia in Sydney, Mr Vedi Kurnia Buana,  community leaders, donors and diverse members of the community.

Mr Arif Taufiq from Human Initiative Australia handed over the donation raised in Indonesia to Dr Geumpana as the head of development of AKIC.

Among the invited community leaders to the events were from the Centre for Islamic Dakwah and Education (CIDE) NSW, Indonesian Muslim Nurse Association (IMNA), Al-Ikhlas, Cahaya Islam, Iqro Foundation, One Brothers, IKAPPABASKO, Al Irsyad, Muhammadiyah NSW, KKSS, Aceh Australian Society (AAS) and many others.

During his welcoming remarks, Dr Chalidin Yacob; the founder of AKIC thanked all donors and contributors in the realisation of this ground breaking event. He also shared the journey of AKIC since its establishment in 1998.

Dr Yacob emphasised that the presence of AKIC in Sydney cannot be separated from the concern of educating the younger Muslims generation in Sydney to become the young generations who understand and appreciate the values of Islamic culture and can apply these values in their daily lives.

Consul General Vedi remarked that the process of establishing AKIC does not stop with the completion of its physical construction, but to ensure the maximum benefits flow on to the Muslims community  and to all Australians.

Update on the donations was reported by the head of AKIC development, Dr Teuku A Geumpana, and also the handover of the raised fund in Indonesia through the Human Initiative Australia which was directly handed over by the Director of Human Initiative Australia, Mr Arif Taufiq.

Dr Geumpana thanked Human Initiative Australia and all other organisations and individuals that have contributed and donated to the development of the centre.

Mr Vedi (right), the Consul General of Indonesia in Sydney handing over the cone shape rice to Dr Chalidin Yacob (left) the founder of AKIC marking the beginning of the centre’s development.

About $450,000 were collected for the project and a lot more shall be required to support the completion of this 2 million dollar project. Hence, the donation toll will be kept open for everyone to participate.

The ground breaking event was finally marked by the cutting of the cone-shaped rice (Indonesian traditional meal) and the symbolical ground digging by  community leaders including the Consul General of Indonesia.