These Deen classes were started in July 2021 and are continuing every Saturday and Sunday.

These Deen classes have students from all over the world,  USA, Canada, UK, India, Pakistan and from Australia.

The Saturday class timings are 9:00 am and Sunday class timings are 6:00 pm Sydney times.

The link for joining Kid’s Zoom meeting is

Meeting ID: 821 7610 1682

Passcode: DEEN

Any child younger than 11 years are welcome to join these classes.

During these classes the kids learn about Prophets’ stories, daily duas and important moral stories for their character building. On Some days kids play Kahoot or some other Quiz games.

There is usually short surah and learning hadith session at the end as well. Although Emaan N Malik is facilitating all Deen classes, but other kids are also given equal opportunity to participate and contribute during the class.

All kids who are very regular and contribute during the classes receive surprise gifts via mail.