On Wednesday 24 November 2021 three white males were found to be guilty of the murder of a black man, Ahmaud Arbery while jogging in Georgia USA, by a jury made up of one black and 11 white members.

Conspiracy theories, that the defence team had manipulated the system to select an overwhelmingly white jury in order to ensure the acquittal of the three white men were finally put to rest.

This episode renders the US to be a place where rule of law prevails and gives confidence in the US justice system to safeguard the rights of all its citizens.

America with its representative political system and its various institutions with inbuilt checks and balances and being the most advanced, powerful and successful country is highly admired by all throughout the world.

There is no doubt that the US still inspires us with the best universities with excellence in higher education and leading research, its mega industrial infrastructure, opportunities to excel to the top irrespective of  your ethnicity, race, religion, colour or nationality.

I remember sharing my thoughts of admiration for the US political system with my university colleagues at the Presidential elections  towards the end of 2008 that Barack Obama won inspite of being the son of a an African Muslim, with his middle name Hussein, while the US was still engaged in ‘War on Terror’.

But then again I was highly disappointed when Donald Trump won the US Presidential election towards the end of 2016 by the same electorate, who I consider a racist, highly divisive, filthy rich but a buffoon not worthy of leading the most successful nation on earth.

With its domestic record of inherent racism, long time belligerent but failing foreign policy, war mongering record from the Vietnam war to the so called war on terror resulting in the destruction of so many countries in the Middle East and its unflinching support for an apartheid settler state of Israel, America has demonstrated itself as being a place of contradictions.