How Muslims see other humans? 

Muslims see other humans as brothers and sisters. Sadly, Muslims however, are often misunderstood.

Muslims believe that Allah created the first man Adam, then from him his wife Hawa (Eve), and then from the two, Allah made humans into races, colours, and nationalities. That’s why, Muslims believe that mankind is one large family who needs to look after one another without hate or cruelty, but rather with love and compassion.

Are there extra responsibilities for Muslims?  

Yes, in non-Muslim societies, Muslims must take extra responsibilities. They cannot be complacent and laid back to avoid danger. Living in a Muslim society is much easier, however in non-Muslim societies Muslims face different challenges. If they do not take their extra duties, they may lose their courage, faith, and Hereafter.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) lived in Makkah, a non-Muslim society for 53 years. We can learn many lessons from his life. Allah says:

“In the Messenger of Allah, you have beautiful example for one whose hope is in Allah and the final day, and who Praises Allah much.” [Al-Quran 33:21]

Some extra responsibilities?

  1. Be extra confident: As a Muslim, we know that “Muslim” is an honorary title from the Most Honourable Allah, so we feel special about it. We feel confident to say, “I am a peaceful Muslim.”
  2. Gain extra knowledge in Islam: That will motivate you more and will give you confidence to defend your faith. You can answer questions from non-Muslim friends to remove any misunderstanding.
  3. Be one of the extra-ordinary: Be a leader at school, or excel in your studies, best in writing, best in sports, or best in social work helping the more vulnerable. You do it to gain Allah’s pleasure, and through you, Allah will spread goodwill about Islam and Muslims.   
  4. Make a peaceful home: Make a loving home with sharing thoughts, praying together, eating together, cooking together often, and studying Islam together. Remember! A happy home releases stress that you face outside. Share foods, gifts with non-Muslim neighbours frequently.
  5. Be extra nice: Be nice in greeting, smiling, caring, helping, and extending your hands to the service of other fellow humans. Niceness can win human hearts and can build harmony in humans.
  6. Practice best character: Non-Muslims do not read your Holy Book much, they look at your character. If they see you being honest, generous, polite, and peaceful, then they will think Muslims are good people. Practice best morals for Allah’s sake, then Allah will take your guardianship.
  7. Be a peace ambassador of Islam: Islam stands for peace, and a Muslim is an ambassador for peace. Be one and teach your children to be the same. It will help you to be a confident Muslim, it will save your Imaan from any compromise, and it will put you into the frontline of Islamic service for mankind. As a result, the true message of Islam will spread, misunderstanding about Islam will be removed, and Allah will grant you huge rewards for your extra responsibilities, Insha Allah (God willing).