Community Voice Campbelltown  organised a ‘Meet the Press’ event on Monday 29 November 2021 evening at their campaign office at Minto.

Community Voice Campbelltown is participating in the upcoming local government election, with the objective to carry the community’s voice to the Council and help the Council become more effective in doing its job for the benefit of all its residents instead of implementing any political party’s agenda.

Community Voice Campbelltown is a panel of 10 candidates running in the upcoming local government election on the Saturday 4 December 2021.

The candidates are Khalil Muhamad Masud, Halabi Khaled, Karki Sajjan, Jaber Bellal, Khan Morsheda, Sofiuzzaman Md, Hossain Khurshida, Nasrin Sultana, Sultana Sharmin and Chowdhury Afzal. Their group is D on the ballot paper.

Participants in the Meet the Press event

At this event, Mr Kahlil Muhammad Masud, the lead candidate, acknowledged the Traditional Custodians of the land, Elders and communities and the spirit that binds us in our dreams and aspirations in the Dharawal country.

During his address, he said, “we have invited you today as we believe media is an integral part of a community. Social issues, people’s needs and demands, and a community’s voices are reflected mainly through media coverage. We need your support to identify our community’s asks and ensure that their voices are heard, which political parties have long undermined.”

A brief video documentary was shown at the event that portrayed their objectives and goals.

The participation of Community Voice in the Campbelltown local council election demonstrates the increasing participation of local Muslims in Australian mainstream politics.