Emaan N Malik is nine and a half years old and is a student of year 4, and she lives in New South Wales, Australia.

She started hosting and facilitating classes few months ago.  It was during this time when Sydney, Melbourne, and most of the countries around the world were in lockdown. She is extremely passionate to run Deen classes every week.

She has memorized 30th Juz of the Quran and is in the process of memorising the 29th Juz. She is also learning Arabic and Urdu languages in addition to her regular education at school.

Her aim is to become Hafiza (to memorise the entire Quran) and to serve Allah’s Deen and His creations.

She also wants to become a doctor so that she can help sick and can make their lives better.  She wants to build a big school overseas to support poor girls to get education easily. She has started doing Dawah projects and is spreading the message of goodness, love, and care by spreading the words of our beloved Prophet (s) to neighbors and friends.

Her mother is also a doctor and is serving the local community.

Please look forward to the Dawah Project further and any new project that has yet to be host by Emaan Malik in the future.


Dawah Projects Runs by Emaan Malik

Emaan N Malik’s Dawah project spreading the message of kindness to Neighbors Ruth (by writing a hadith on a card with a lollies and chocolates)


Message Cards That was written By Emaan Malik to spread them throughout the Neighbourhood for the Dawah Projects.


Short Messages that was Witten in the Cards are as shown.