When a teacher becomes an author and creates a unique children’s book that combines faith, culture and identity

The Afghan Community Support Association (ACSA) held a Community Achievement Ceremony that celebrated the achievement of community members with broader members on Sunday 5 December 2021.

One such celebration was the book launch of Ms Mariam Latifi, author of A to Z of Mini Muslims, a children’s alphabet book exploring all about Islam and being a Muslim.

This book launch was recognised and acknowledged by Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, President of the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), who congratulated Ms Mariam Latifi for publishing such a valuable book for the community.

Ms Mariam Latifi is a professionally qualified educator, academic tutor, writer, and a community volunteer who has recently self-published her first Muslim children’s book.

A book that promotes religious awareness, tolerance, diversity and inclusivity whilst embedding Australian and Aboriginal perspectives. Her beautifully illustrated book focuses on the universal themes of respect to all faiths and cultures; the importance of kindness; the power of unity as one human race and the value of ethics and morals extending beyond the individual perspective to the community and society at large.

Ms Mariam Latifi’s published book – A to Z of Mini Muslims.

Ms Mariam’s A to Z of Mini Muslims book uses child-friendly language to explore the teachings and principles of Islam using vivid illustrations. The A to Z of Mini Muslims is a must have book for young children of all ages to help promote their understanding about Islam and religious world views.

Her alphabet book, presented in an interactive manner, is a perfect tool to promote children’s early literacy concepts. It is a vital source in enhancing children’s vocabulary development. Her book includes a glossary with available teaching guides that are aligned to the Australian curriculum.

Ms Mariam had seen a vital need in embedding children’s culture and identity within a Muslim children’s book thereby promoting their connection and motivation to learn.

A to Z of Mini Muslims is a perfect book for young children whereby not only will the learn Islam from A to Z but be connected by their culture and by the Australian and Aboriginal themes in the book.

During the launch, Ms Mariam discussed her journey as a self-published author and read a snippet of her children’s book. Her book was a sell-out during the launch.

Ms Mariam’s A to Z of Mini Muslims is available at major retail bookstores including Amazon. Her book is available in paperback, hardcover and eBook formats. Her book is available across all Australian State and Territory libraries.

The event was joined by honourable guests including Mr Jason Constable from Australian Federal Police; Mr Ebadullah Amid from SSI and many other distinguished guests present.

Mr Al-Hajj Mohammad Nader Azamy, President of ACSA hosted this wonderful event to celebrate the achievement of its community members.

Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman.


Mr Al-Hajj Mohammad Nader Azamy, President of ACSA, with the author of the book.


Mrs Qudsia Sediqi , ACSA Education Officer, left with the author of the book.


Mr Mansur Mansuri, ACSA Secretary with the author of the book.


For more information  www.mariamlatifi.com.au