The first time Princess R Lakshman heard the word ‘author’, she was only nine years old. While many young people go through hundreds of different career options before finally settling on one, becoming an author was always something Princess knew she was going to do.

Currently residing in Sydney, Australia, Princess is a third generation Fijian-Indian. She is a revert Muslim, mother, wife, and wears numerous professional hats – writer, clinical nutritionist, life-coach, counsellor, and narrative therapist.

But more than that, she’s a human with a soul that speaks so clearly that she feels compelled to share her soul’s messages with her readers.

Speaking about her new book The Soul Speaks, Princess states, “I know there are many books that talk about healing and recovery, but this is my word on healing and recovery.”

The Soul Speaks is a collation of the poems and reflections written over several years by Princess, capturing moments in her life as she was healing and recovering from mental illness that began when she was battling a brain tumour, adjusting to life as a single mother after a sudden marriage breakdown due to domestic violence, and facing rejection and disownment from family due to her choice to embrace Islam as her chosen spiritual path.

During this healing phase, she worked on herself and received professional help to overcome substance addiction, suicidal ideation, and violent outbursts as a result of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to triggers from her childhood experiences of familial inter-generational paedophilia.

As part of her healing journey, she began penning poems that came to her during the most mundane of tasks. “I’d be doing the dishes or folding laundry and I’d hear a voice within me. And I knew I had to get these messages down.”

Princess found that these poems emerged in the moment when she first began recognising the light within herself. It was during these moments of self-awareness when she truly understood what her soul was trying to convey.

Princess explains that her writing process was unique. “It was like I was being spoken to, told to just release that particular voice I was hearing, and it was coming so strongly from within me, I knew this wasn’t just a message for me but a message that needed to be written and shared.”

Princess’ teenaged daughter is the closest person to her heart and was also the first person to witness her mental illness.

When the first author copy of The Soul Speaks arrived, she clutched it to her chest and read from it, stating that she was beyond proud of her mother.

“She said ‘Mum this is amazing! This is you staying with me even when you’re not with me because these are your words,” Princess fondly recalled.

“I’ve dedicated this book to her, and I felt extremely grateful when she said that,” she further added.

Princess has strong faith in the healing ability of someone who has been through trauma and abuse.

“There are many voices in our head that belong to others…when we are little we start hearing people’s opinions on who we are and who we should be. Our authentic voice about ourselves and our own potential gets drowned by these different voices.”

“But I feel if you sit in silence and surrender yourself to Allah’s divine plan for you, then you will hear an intuitive voice – low and soft in volume but feels right, and good, and joyful, and that’s when you know it’s your soul speaking. There’s no judgement or doubt, it’s a very sure voice without any yelling, shouting, and belittling. This voice isn’t telling you what to do, it’s guiding you.”

The Soul Speaks is a collection of poems that truly speak to the soul. They resonate with readers and render them into looking inside themselves, searching for their voice, a reminder of Allah to always love themselves and be the person they were meant to be.

Her words are also echoed throughout the book and especially in her favourite poem from the collection, titled ‘Find that Place’ (page 139 of The Soul Speaks).

“Find that place within you

That can’t be violated

That can’t be cursed

That can’t be manipulated

That can’t be rejected

And can’t be disowned

Find that place within you

That is soulfully you

And not the perception of you

Recognise that pure place

Yes, that place within you

Is what returns to God

Because that’s the place

from which you’ve grown

when first in you

the soul was blown.”

~ Find that Place, The Soul Speaks

Princess is currently working on a memoir, two novels (women’s fiction), and a daily journaling prompts book for Muslims.

Her first novel The Girl Child is also available on Amazon.

The Soul Speaks is available as paperback, hard cover, and eBook, on the following websites:


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