Hearing of death is always hard. Debilitating when it’s a family member. Often, grief obscures our focus and judgement, making the practical elements like organising the burial and settling of affairs for the deceased, challenging. But when there is the absence of a legal Will, the process can become exceedingly difficult.

Recently, we were notified of a revert brother who died suddenly. He was unmarried and had a strained relationship with his family, who weren’t Muslim. He had not organised a will prior to his death and his burial rested on the shoulders of his parents, who wanted him cremated.

National Zakat Foundation (NZF) and our service partners were approached to advocate for an Islamic burial. After a series of negotiations, the family finally agreed for us to take over, if we bore the costs of the burial. And with that, it was settled. We were fortunate because they agreed. But it was in their right not to, in which case we wouldn’t have been able to take the case any further.

We are living in the most uncertain times. Because of the pandemic, deaths are on the rise. We are seeing severe, even fatal symptoms, sweep across the community in such a short span of time. Recovery is far from a certainty. So many of us are not familiar with the Islamic rulings regarding a Wasiyyah (Islamic Will).

Misconception that it’s only about inheritance but it’s a lot more than this; Islamic burial, custody of children, sadaqah jaariya options. We should also break misconceptions that people might have that you can simply hand write a Will and say we should follow the Shariyah, this will not be accepted in Australian courts, hence the importance of an Islamic Will that’s legally recognised in Australia.

Our team at National Zakat Foundation (NZF) are committed to assisting families in our community who have lost a loved one, but the circumstances aren’t always straightforward. Particularly during the pandemic, we are facing issues such as having to negotiate with non-Muslim family members; or reassuring families who have lost a loved one so suddenly that they are under the strain of not being able to afford the costs of a burial; or trying to make arrangements for a burial of a brother or sister who is alone in Australia with immediate family who are overseas and unable to enter the country because of border restrictions.

NZF along with our service partners, will help you in the process of setting up your Wassiyah according to your wishes, while making sure it is compliant with Islamic Shariah and Australian law. An Islamic Will is one thing that you can control during these uncertain times.

Let NZF help you have peace of mind; you can contact us at [email protected] or 1300663729.