As a human being, we come across various life setbacks which we want to share with our friends and family members. But it has also been noticed that sometimes our emotional ventilation/sharing gets us on the wrong path or leads us to take inappropriate decisions or make insensitive measures to address a problem.


Perhaps, because a person with whom we are sharing a problem is;

  1. giving us a flawed advice or suggestions,
  2. not guiding us appropriately,
  3. not properly listening
  4. not understanding our concerns and circumstances

Therefore, we end up questioning is it worth to share our experiences of suffering with anyone in this world or not? Sharing personal experiences which shape our lives is the most critical aspect of living.

One has to be very mindful while disclosing personal matters with anyone.

The content that we share with other people around does shape our personality because it is important how the person is interpreting our fears, matters, perceptions, and experiences. People with whom we share our worries constructs our perception of an experience which ultimately defines the future course of our lives.

The conversation is not only significant for oneself but also for one’s future. It is crucial as what kind of directions and perceptions other people are offering us after listening to our narratives.

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These suggestions and opinions influence our view of an experience. Not only it impacts our way of thinking it also affects our behavior and actions towards people and event.

It is always a better idea to communicate our feelings and emotions with someone who has a neutral background and offers active listening.

Active listening means one is giving you impression that they are there to acknowledge your doubts and apprehensions about something which is significant for you without passing any judgment or offering their personal views on the matter because we want to identify ourselves through our experiences.

When we narrate our thoughts and perception about an event or occurrence, we simultaneously detoxify ourselves from implicit emotional barrages. Once we unpack pandora box of feelings and able to see the picture clearly there we start perceiving the issues from different aspect to resolve it rather than reappraising the situation every time with new suspicions.  Our brain simultaneously starts working on a solution as soon as we unladen turmoil from our senses.

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The function of a brain to seek solution by itself is usually hindered when our experiences are primed by others’ opinions and analyses.

Just like physical health, mental well-being should be taken care by regular expressions of stress and concerns in front of a person who observes unconditional positive regard and follow non-judgmental attitudes.