What is peace of mind? It is a pleasant calmness, serenity, and tranquility in the human mind.

It is essential for human happiness. It is a deeper feeling that is very hard to explain, but the urge or the longing for it is present in every mind. It is an urge that we cannot see or touch or buy. Every human is after the peace.

A story about a king and the peace

A king had no peace of mind. His counsellor advised him that if he could wear clothes from someone who had peace of mind, then the king would find peace of mind. The king’s soldiers could not find anyone with peace of mind. Eventually a couple of soldiers found a man in the bush, who said: “I have peace of mind, but I have no clothes. I live in the bush and cover myself with tree leaves.”

Where can we find peace of mind?

I am not suggesting going for you to find peace of mind in bush, but I am pointing to the real source of peace.

That source is not clothes, buildings, lot of money, luxurious life, glittering costumes, glamour, name, fame, expensive living, high position, holding power, sleeping on money, sleeping pills, strong drugs or intoxicants, alcohol, exotic foods etc.

The real source of peace according to Islamic faith is the Creator (Allah), and He has installed the urge for peace of mind in humans. Therefore, Allah is the real source of peace, and He did not make the peace available for sale or purchase. Allah says in the holy Quran:

“Allah is He, Other than Whom there is no other god: The Sovereign Ruler, The Holy One, the Source of Peace (As-Salaam).” [Quran 59:23]

The Quranic term for peace of mind is As-Sakinah. In calamities, or in stress, or in danger, or in anxiety, or in sickness, a believer can receive Sakinah to pass tests and tribulations.

Allah is the creator and the controller of our hearts, and only He can send the true peace that we need. That’s why, true believers turn to Allah for peace whenever they need it. Then, Allah sends peace in their hearts. Holy Quran confirms:

It is He (Allah) Who sent down the peace and calmness (As-Sakinah) into the hearts of the believers.” [Al-Quran 48:4]

How to program the mind for receiving peace?

  1. Believe & relax: Strongly believe in what Prophet Mohammad (s) said and feel positive: “Whoever for Allah wishes best, puts through hardship.” [Bukhari]
  2. Surrender to Allah & stop worrying: For life or death, trials, or tribulations, simply surrender to Allah’s Guardianship. Remember to say, “Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihin raajeoon (To Allah we belong and to Allah is our return.” [Quran 2:156]
  3. Pray to Allah for peace: As Prophet Mohammad (s) used to pray, “Allahumma Antas Salam, wa minkas-salaam (O Allah, You are the source of peace, real peace only comes from You).” [Muslim]