After four months, House of Sakinah hosted its most awaited event, Sakinah for seniors in its centre at Mount Druitt on Thursday 18 November 2021. We were once again happy to see the room fill with warm smiles, laughter and cheerful talk of great-tasting food. This event proved to be a great opportunity for the seniors to step outside of their house after lockdown and reconnect with friends.

House of Sakinah is a not-for-profit women’s support centre which holds the Sakinah for seniors event every month but due to lockdown restrictions, it had been postponed.

Thanks to the COVID-19 Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Infrastructure Grant provided to House of Sakinah by NSW Communities & Justice department, the event was held by making use of the indoor and outdoor new kitchen facilities and other renovations.

To run the program in a safe and friendly environment, we ensured to follow the NSW health and safety guidelines. The event manager for the seniors’ event, Ms Asima Anis, checked the COVID-19 vaccination certificates of both the volunteers and the elderly women attending.

Health session for seniors

Despite the social restrictions, we still managed to have a wonderful and joyful event. House of Sakinah invited some guest speakers to speak to the seniors about health and wellbeing, especially during COVID-19.

Ms Robina Yasmin speaking to the seniors on the Podium.

We were excited to have Vice Chair, Ms Robina Yasmin, from Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association (MDAA). We value MDDA’s strong emphasis on promoting the rights of people with disability. With a focus on Culturally, Linguistically and Diverse (CALD) backgrounds. We look forward to collaborating with you in future projects.


Dr Ahad speaking to the seniors on the Podium

Dr Ahad speaking to the seniors on the Podium.

It was wonderful to have Dr Ahad Khan join the event. He gave an informative talk about how the elderly can better manage their health conditions. He also answered some queries the seniors had regarding the COVID-19 vaccination, particularly the recent booster shots.



Ms Anoop speaking to the seniors via zoom.


Dr Lin talking to the seniors via zoom.

We were enthralled to have Dr Ling Lim from Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) who joined via Zoom and answered some queries the seniors had about COVID-19. Ms Anoop Johar, WSLHD’s Bilingual Community Education (BCE) Program Officer, also joined via zoom and recommended some strategies how the seniors can deal with stress and social isolation.

Health and wellbeing workshop


Ms Samara discussing the wellbeing workshop with the seniors.

During the event, one of our dedicated volunteers, Ms Samara organised an interactive health and well-being workshop. The purpose of this exercise was to understand what well-being means to seniors. How they felt during the lockdown and what activities would they like to see at House of Sakinah. As an organisation, we wanted to place them in the centre and listen to their needs.

Major highlight


Celebrating birthday of House of Sakinah’s senior member.

The main highlight of the event was when we celebrated the birthday of one our seniors. She regularly came to the monthly senior events and said that it gave her the time to socialise and connect with people in her community. May Allah accept all your heartfelt prayers and bless you with a healthy life, Aunty.