“Read” – he said,

And then he read, and what he read was for all times to come ahead…..

The laws that changed the world forever, the rules that guided humanity and came as a savior

The phrases that made each one to ponder… the existential issues which we were so far left to wonder….

A Book, a guide, a mentor, a light

Yes it came to illuminate— illuminate the darkness within the soul, the emptiness of a desolate life

Some accepted and were awed, some repudiated and would only find it flawed, to each his own “it reflected”, the heart you approached it with, is what recoiled ……

It didn’t need your approval; your life needed this guidance

Mundane and arcane brought together like never before.

Stop, Pause, and Reflect was the mode-

You were taught to live by this, in this transitory abode.

Encouraged emancipation in an epoch stuck with slavery

addressed women’s rights which they could fight for bravely.

Gave women a fair share in inheritance, was not stopped to have her financial freedom, she could chose the groom and send proposal, and could ride a horse and fight a battle….who gave her that freedom before, none other then and even not after, for many more years to come.

Listed the rights of the destitute on you, every penny you earned had a share for them too

What did it not cover, essentially nothing…..from the drop of sperm to the vastness of the universe,

from the morals of the upright to the upcoming plight of the imperious…..

Gave way to the unstructured-ness, the Prayer set the routine of an aimless life,

In the spirituality of it did the hearts find comfort, burdens were lifted and challenges were subvert.

Some were lost in their hedonism, and ‘to comply’ they found burdensome,

Some got so caught in introspection, every second they wanted to move towards redemption….none was the way prescribed, balancing between the two was the divine advice

Talks to you, and talks to me….talks to all humanity

Give it a heart without bias, give it a mind sans doubt, and see how it turns your life around…..

Not a book to swear by, it’s a book to Live by……..