The NSW Labor Party officially endorsed Mr Khodr Saleh OAM to Lead the Labor Candidates team for Roselands Ward Canterbury Bankstown Council on Friday 29 October 2021, for the upcoming council election on Saturday 4 December 2021.

 “I am proud to be running with Bhadra Waiba and Md Kabir as trust integrity skills team reflecting  community diversity and work hard for our local community,” Mr Saleh said.

Mrs Waiba is afrontline nurse who worked tirelessly during  the COVID-19 pandemic to support vulnerable people in our local community being the first Australian Nepalese Indigenous woman to run for public office in Australia  and if  she get elected, she will be the first Nepalese Indigenous woman elected at the public office in Australia.

MD Kabir is a well respected hard working local family man known for his integrity, dignity, honesty.

“I look forward to speaking with every local resident about our vision for the future of our City and also hearing your ideas on how together we can make Canterbury Bankstown City even better.”

Khodr Saleh at Punchbowl Mosque.

Khodr Saleh

Khodr  has lived in  Canterbury Bankstown local government area with his family for almost 31 years. He has graduated in Governance and Media. Khodr has been a long term community advocate and is  the current chairperson of the Riverwood Community Centre. In 2019, he was awarded  the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to the Canterbury Bankstown local community.

In 2004 he became the first Australian Lebanese Arabic Muslim to be elected as Labor Councillor to the City of Canterbury, an achievement that was recognised by the Lebanese and Arabic community in Australia and abroad .

He was elected for three consecutive terms in 2004, 2008 , and 2012. He also served as Deputy Mayor for three terms in 2008, 2012 and 2015.

Khodr will use his skills and experience to assist in governance, policy, integrity and accountability of our council.

He will work to stop overdevelopment, clean up local streets,  improve  community infrastructure and  local services to make our City the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Bhadra Waiba

Bhadra has lived and worked in the Canterbury-Bankstown area for almost 15 years. She has a degree in Law, and a Bachelor of Nursing. She has worked at St. Basil’s home care at Lakemba.

As a community activist and frontline nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhadra understands our community’s diverse needs and will use her knowledge and experiences to advocate and improve services for local families and residents.

MD Kabir

Kabir and his family have lived in Lakemba for the past 21 years. He has an Honours and Masters degree in Arts. Kabir was a former soccer and cricket player .

As a local family man known for his integrity, dignity, honesty and passion for sport and its benefits, Kabir understands the importance of investment in infrastructure and upgrades to our existing parks ,facilities and parking for our community.