Information is used as a weapon in the world today to control people and to direct their thoughts or to shape one’s mindset according to demand. In this age, we require critical and analytical skills more than ever. Thus, it can be inferred that rote learning is the educational mode of yesteryear.

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Nowadays, creativity is inevitable and one has to think out of the box. Problem-solving skills are more stressed than working on pre-existing operating systems.

Environment, architecture, engineering and medicine all these fields require extensive set of approaches to deal with existing problems like landfill, traffic jam, road traffic accidents, health problems secondary to GMO and processed foods, incidents and prevalence of chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes, manufacturing dilemmas where industry requires cost effective measure (mechanical work replacing manpower for robust output).

Everywhere around the world, professions and businesses are emphasizing on educational styles. It is underscoring new methods of learning which can prompt independent thinking within a person so that people can turn out to be more thoughtful , reflective, productive and creative than ever.

Independent and innovative thinking is imperative with passage of time. We are in a world where the consequences of our past actions is putting the survival of future generation on edge. For example plastic products, car fumes, processed food, nuclear experiments and tree consumption etc. .


Plastic products -> plastic pollution
Car fumes -> increase carbon monoxide and causes climate change
Nuclear experiments -> radiation exposure
Genetically modified organisms and processed food -> hypertension ,obesity and diabetes
Tree consumption -> increased Temperature and causes climate change


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The out-of-the-box thinking is a capacity which can be cultivated by both parents and teachers together. It cannot be a sole responsibility of a school.

Parents can encourage children to take part in library-based activities like STEM clubs, reading and writing clubs and science projects.


Socialisation is another great opportunity to be creative. Interaction and resulting conflicts are great tools to develop confidence, self-reliance  and self-awareness attributes through range of challenging situations.