Now that we have been cleared for overseas travel, how much have you learned during Australia’s COVID lockdown? Or how much have you forgotten? Armchair travellers should score well, but nothing compares with the thrill of a lift-off. Up, up and away. Allow for 5 minutes to complete the below quiz:

1) An Australian passport is valid for: 

a) Three years (b) Five years (c) Ten years


2)  Which is considered the Pacific Island where time begins?

a) Fiji  (b) New Caledonia (c) Tonga


3)  The legendary African city of Timbuktu is in:

a) Mali  (b) Morocco (c) Nigeria


4)  The Badshahi Mosque in Pakistan is located in:

a) Karachi (b) Islamabad (c) Lahore


5)  Well-dressed travellers will know these streets…

a) Bond Street  (b) Condotti  (c) Kalverstraat  (c) Faubourg St Honore


6)  Where is the world’s current tallest building?

a) Abu Dhabi (b) Bahrain (c) Dubai ( d) Doha


 7)  Gamelan is the traditional ensemble music of…?

a) Singapore ( b) Bali  (c) Myanmar (d) Sri Lanka

8)  The Nabataean city of Petra located in:

a) Jordan  (b) Iraq (c) Saudi Arabia  (d) Iran


9)  Name the capital city of the State of Texas:

a) Houston (b) Dallas (c) Austin (d) Fort Worth


10) From which London station does Eurostar leave for Paris?  

a) St Pancras  (b) Victoria (c) Waterloo  (d) Paddington


11)  The miraculous zam-zam well is located in…?

a) Jeddah ( b) Makkah  (c) Madinah (d) Jerusalem


12)  Rembrandt’s Night Watch is seen in the…?

a) Louvre (b) Riksmuseum  (c) Prado  (d) Tate Britain

Answers: I) Ten years,  2) Tonga, 3) Mali, 4) Lahore, 5) London, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, 6) Dubai, 7) Bali, 8) Jordan, 9) Austin, 10) St Pancras International, 11) Makkah, 12) Riksmuseum Amsterdam