Australian Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) organised an online seminar and Q&A session for medical and health professionals and the community on “The Digital transformation of Health” on Saturday 16 October 2021. Professor Shafi Ahmed, a professor of Surgery, futurist, health technology innovator and entrepreneur from St Bartholomew’s and Royal London Hospital, was the guest speaker at this event.

Using Virtual Reality, Professor Ahmed hopes to improve healthcare and access to surgery worldwide, especially to those in developing countries.

The online event was attended by medical and other health professionals from different Australian states, internationally, and many Australians from diverse backgrounds, including representatives and office bearers of various community organisations.

The programme commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Ali Kashif, followed by a welcoming address by Dr Muhammed Afzal Kahloon, Canberra based Urologist and President of the Australian Islamic Medical Association.

The host for the event Dr Zeina Merhi, Senior obstetrics and Gynaecology registrar introduced Dr Saleh Khwaja, President of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) branch of AIMA.

Dr Khwaja said that the objective and purpose of AIMA was to unite and inspire Muslim health professionals in Australia where AIMA members wish to serve and contribute towards the welfare of Muslims and the broader Australian community.

He provided a brief overview of AIMA activities, including blood donation drive, CPR training sessions in Islamic centres and Mosques for community members and more recently, community and school awareness sessions on COVID-19 and vaccines.

Dr Naim Islam, Sydney based senior general practitioner and member of the AIMA NSW executive committee, welcomed and introduced the guest speaker Professor Shafi Ahmed.

Professor Shafi Ahmed

Professor Ahmed trained in the UK as a colo-rectal and cancer surgeon. He is a multi-award-winning cancer surgeon that has changed the face of medical education. He has been recognised as the world’s most-watched surgeon, with his video reaching 140 countries and 4.6 million people on Twitter.

Professor Ahmed has delivered over 250 keynote presentations in more than 30 countries. He is an acclaimed academic with numerous publications in reputed international journals, authors of books and editor of professional journals. He has won multiple awards and was interviewed by numerous international media and TV channels.

Professor Ahmed gave an overview of the digital transformation of health and exceptionally rapid changes occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also discussed and explained various modalities such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital health records, connected and virtual care, wearable technology use in healthcare, Robotics, Augmented reality, Apps, Mobile 5G rollout, and its utility in delivering novel mobile health care solutions.

He explained how digital transformation could reduce the cost of providing health care and its utility in resource-poor settings and improve global health.

The question-answer session was moderated by Dr Zeina Merhi and Dr Muhammed Shakib. This session generated much interest from the audience.

The seminar program concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr Habib Bhurawala,  Sydney based Paediatrician and a member of the AIMA executive committee.

Recording of this session and details of other activities conducted by the Australian Islamic Medical association is available on the website: