The Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) held its 4th National Summit online on Sunday 31 October 2021 via ZOOM. 

Prominent Muslim organisations and community leaders from around Australia attended the National Summit to discuss important issues of concern to Australian Muslims and the future of the community in Australia. 

The AAM is currently comprised of over 200 mainstream Muslim organisations from all Australian States and Territories. It is open to all mainstream and representative Muslim organisations and individuals who are active in the Australian Muslim community. 

The AAM aims to serve as a collaborative platform to coordinate and enhance efforts of common benefit for the Australian Muslim community. Further, the AAM continue to stand with and contribute to the Australian community. 

The delegates at the National Summit focused on the key areas of promoting an Australian Muslim identity, enhancing media and political engagement, strengthening public relations, and advocating for the protection of civil rights of minority groups.

This includes the serious concern in relation to the rise of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim sentiment. 

The member organisations had reviewed and re-endorsed the AAM Covenant, which outlines the importance of the AAM and the Muslim organisations working together, including the positive role that Australian Muslims contribute to their country.

The 4th AAM National Summit focused on: 

1. Preservation of Islamic Identity discussed the National survey to gain a better understanding of the sentiment of the Muslim community in Australia and to better cater to the Muslim community’s needs, in particular the Muslim youth. 

2. Media Representation reinforced on Religious freedom, the rise of Islamophobia (Anti- Muslim sentiment) and the real threat of right-wing extremism. 

3. Defence of Muslim Rights, addressed Civil rights Awareness campaigns and dealing with the threat of Islamophobia. 

4. Public Relations aimed to hold a National Mosque Open Day and National Community Ramadan Iftaar to expand on the community engagement with the wider Australian society. 

5. Lobby and Political Advocacy planned for the next Federal Elections 2022, raise awareness on the importance of political activism and involvement. 

As part of the 4th National Summit, member organisations from different states across Australia made a presentation on their current activities and programs to exchange benefit and experience with other organisations. 

Despite the limitations of using an online platform for the summit, the presentations were of a high calibre, with robust engagement and discussion resulting in a successful event overall. 

The Alliance of Australian Muslims aims to meet onsite in Sydney for the 5th National Summit on 30 October 2022. 

All Muslim organisations and community leaders are invited to attend and support this initiative. All nominations and expressions of interest to join AAM can directly apply online: