SistaHub are a group of Melbourne-based Muslim women hailing from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds united by a common cause – preserving the wellbeing of Muslim women by catering to their specific needs and addressing their concerns.

The team have launched a vaccination campaign recently that has garnered tremendous community support and positive media attention. The campaign aims to address the very valid concerns of Muslim women but to also offer solutions, by organising two vaccination hubs for Muslim women.

The hubs are located in Hume and Wyndham, and will be women-only spaces that cater to religious and cultural sensitivities. The staff present will only include women. The team have aimed to provide bicultural volunteers to assuage concerns and answer questions.

Bookings can be made via the SistaHub website, which also offers insights into the campaign’s focus and other valuable information.

SistaHub are proud to be affiliated with the values of compassion, integrity and human welfare, rather than with a particular organisation. The team aim to branch out into other areas of community need and interest once the vaccination campaign includes.

SistaHub are a great example of how much momentum and traction can be gained when community advocates band together at short notice for a common cause.

For information and bookings, visit and follow their social media pages.