A mere week out from ‘freedom day’, Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation saw a shift in leadership at a time of unrest and uncertainty. So who is our newly elected Premier of NSW? 

School Captain in 2000 and State leader in 2021, Dominic Perrottet was sworn in as the youngest Premier in NSW’s history based on a 39/5 vote. However, do the people of NSW truly know who their leader is? 

Dominic Perrottet, one of 13 siblings and a father of 6, prides himself on the centrality of family in his life. “Being a father is my number one priority, and it’s fair to say being Premier comes as a close second,” says Perrottet. 

The focus placed on core values including the centrality of family for Dominic Perrottet roots from his days as a schoolboy. Dominic attended Redfield College from Year 3 and later graduated Year 12 in 2000. 

“He (Perrottet) was keen on political and social issues back then,” says Chris Cullen, a current teacher at Redfield College. 

Unlike most schools, Redfield College places academics second to character building, focusing on “education of the whole person”. Part of the PARED foundation, Redfield College prides itself on supporting students as they grow and develop from boys to young men. 

Dr Andrew Mullins, the longest serving principal at Redfield stated “It is not what the community gives to you, but what you can give back.”

Why is it then that a man who is willing to serve his state, has faced criticism over so-called being too ‘conservative’? A nation which promotes freedom of one’s lifestyle and advocates for diversity, ironically have made assumptions on a man’s right to believe. 

One’s ability and service to the public should not be disregarded because of their faith but rather promoted as part and parcel of diversity. 

Being Muslim students at a Catholic School has taught us the valuable lesson that identity including one’s faith should not hinder an individual’s participation let alone leadership in society.

Dominic Perrottet is an inspiring leader and we have confidence that his core values will be at the forefront of his leadership. 

Traditional family values have been diminished in the public eye where the gift of family is seen as a threat to society instead of a blessing.