By Esa Adnan, 8 years old, Sydney

Allah says “O you who believe, why do say that which you do not do? It is hateful to Allah that you should say that which you do not do”
Once there was a Shepherd and he was talking his sheep to the fields to eat the food.
Suddenly the naughty idea came to his mind. He planned to make the people of the town fools.
He started shouting for help. Help, help, please help me, is there any one who can help me.
There is a wolf, he will eat all my sheep’s. People heard his voice and ran to help him but when they reached there, he started laughing at them. HA! HA! HA! I’ve tricked you all. It makes the people so annoyed but he enjoyed it a lot. He decided to do it again. he shouted in the same way and people were not sure if they should believe him this time, he shouted I promise there is a wolf so people ran towards the fields to help him. The shepherd enjoyed making them be fooled and laughed at them again. On the third day, the shepherd saw the real coming towards his sheep’s. This time he shouted for real and said “I promise, I’m not tricking you this time please help but no one listened to him and his sheep were killed by wolf.
Before the shepherd broke a promise. The people did not trust him anymore, they stopped believing him and would not even come if he promise again. His promise became weak.
So, what we learnt from this story is “Don’t lie and never break your promise”
The Prophet PBUH further states that
“He whose has these three things should be considered as a hypocrite, even if he performs the daily prayers, observes fasting and thinks that he is a Muslim: breach of trust lying and breach of promise.