As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming more essential than ever before for businesses of all sizes to adopt tools and utilities that help enable their employees to work efficiently from home.

This raises many new challenges both in the technological front as well as human resources. Many businesses have stayed stagnant in progress and integration of Tech facilities and utensils when it comes to business functionality and operations.

As of 1 July 2019, the ATO reports that 98.45% of businesses are accounted for by small businesses where many of these small businesses are accustomed to find their productivity until now through tremendous amounts of human input and live managerial interference to keep the “wheels spinning”.

Many businesses have found themselves shell-shocked and unable to cater to the demands of a work from home economic environment.

In the modern era we now are privileged with the commodity of high-speed internet and with such, business technological trailblazing must follow.

Many businesses today are challenged with long overdue upgrades to their IT infrastructure as well as maintenance that is well and truly past their indicated due date in years.

Businesses today that are spearheading progress find themselves in need of a modern-day technological partner. With industry knowledge and an architectural understanding of the things that are required many businesses are moving their tech needs to trusted, reliable IT Managed Service providers.

Through the right IT management, businesses are able to run their documents over the cloud and in some cases even adopt fully browser-based management tools and operations, completely unlocking their human resources allowing work possible from anywhere the internet is available, essentially setting themselves free.

Business have been struck with emergency lockdowns, unprepared and unaware of a better way, finding themselves in a last-minute effort to transport complete workstations to employees homes as they feel there is no other way to access their tools, leading many businesses to the conclusion of physically relocating devices of essential employees to maintain any operations in those times of crisis.

As technology advances so does the methodology of IT management and the delivery thereof. Businesses that are well equipped with modern day cloud services and browser-based operational utilities have a significant advantage and can fend off those stressful times of uncertainty.

Through the right IT Support team or Managed Services Provider businesses are better off, freeing themselves and finding the ability to focus on their human challenges that arise from having employees working from home. Thus enabling businesses to manage and assist their staff actively as if they were in a physical office.

At LayerTwo Technology, the team has many years of industry leading expertise in network engineering and IT management infrastructure and
integration. Through cutting-edge methodology, they facilitate such services and management possibilities to their respective clientele.

Having an IT MSP in the modern day on your team, equates to having a tech-partner sit on the same side of the table. Fine tuning and really understanding technological stress points to better address businesses tech demands and needs.