The Islamophobia Register “sparked not only hope (for change), but also confidence to stand up for myself”, says Farah*, a worker and mother who recently reached out for advocacy assistance.

The Muslimah had faced bullying at work, leading to deeper trauma and anxiety.

Farah explained her experience with Islamophobia as, “reaching a point where I lost all hope, I felt powerless. I couldn’t navigate the system on my own without assistance”.

She says the Register provided her with professional and moral support, and was a “personalised service that made me feel I was their only client”.

With the recent appointment of a community development & advocacy officer, the Islamophobia Register Australia (“the Register”) is looking to support more sisters and brothers in the community.

The Register provides a secure and reliable service that allows people from across Australia to report any form of Anti-Muslim abuse.

The Register’s reporting tool, accessible through its website, can be utilised by both victims and witnesses of anti-Muslim abuse or Islamophobia.

The reporting of incidents also helps draw a better picture of Islamophobia in Australia. In the past, the Register has published two academic research reports (2016, 2019) which provided a deeper insight into Muslim experiences with Islamophobia in Australia.


Islamophobia in Australia II Report (2016-2017)

These reports have had wide reaching results where the Islamophobia in Australia Report III reached 750 million readers in the first week of its release. 

The third Islamophobia Report is coming, commissioned by the Register and Charles Sturt University – so the time for reporting experiences is now.

The Register encourages the community to report any incident of Islamophobia, whether it is experienced online or in the physical world.

Mariam Veiszadeh, Founder & President of the Register.

Mariam Veiszadeh, President and Founder of the Register since 2014, said, “Insha’Allah the IRA will become a source of real strength to our community.

“Our vision is a community where everyone feels like they can raise their voice and feel a sense of control again.”

*Names have been changed to protect privacy