The Salvation Army’s Moneycare service is appealing to the Australian public to reach out to their services early, particularly if they have mounting debts as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns in south-west and western Sydney.

Moneycare is The Salvos’ free and confidential financial counselling service that can support people facing financial hardship and debt.

“You do not have to be in a financial disaster to reach out to The Salvos Moneycare for support. We encourage anyone doing it tough because of the lockdowns in Sydney to reach out to us early- we are here for you and want to help people avoid further debt during this time,” says Sausan Rasheed, Moneycare financial counsellor in South-West Sydney.

Moneycare’s services are unique and adaptable to individual circumstances, and can help across the following areas:

  • Advocacy with banks and other financial institutions to help with debt relief
  • Advocacy with utility providers (electricity etc) to help with affordable repayments
  • Letting you know what your rights are and other places you can get help
  • Financial counselling and support to get you through the tough times

The Salvos Moneycare supports over ten thousand people each year and provides services which not only improves people’s financial situation, but also their overall wellbeing. In the 2019/20 financial year, almost 70% of people supported by Moneycare reporting positive life satisfaction after attending the service, an increase from only 10% at intake. *

Also, The Salvation Army’s Emergency financial relief service, Doorways, is available to support people through lockdown. As the largest provider of emergency relief in Australia, Doorways can provide immediate financial relief for people who need urgent help paying for food and other essential goods.

“We know the immense stresses that the current lockdown is having on individuals and families, and this can often extend to finances. We want to help you ease the stress on your financial situation as you navigate this trying time,” says Sausan Rasheed.

If you are struggling with debt because of COVID-19, please contact The Salvation Army’s free Moneycare service as early as possible on 1800 722 363. Alternatively, if you need immediate financial relief for food or other essential goods, please contact The Salvation Army Doorways service on 1300 371 288.

For more information, please contact The Salvation Army’s Media Relations Department on (02) 94663143

*The Salvation Army 2020 Impact Report